Interview with “Make Me A Supermodel”’s Ronnie Kroell

VH1 may have been trying
to disprove the dumb model stereotype with their show America’s Most Smartest Model, but it might take Bravo to finally dispel that particular myth. The cable channel once again adds to its stable of reality programs with their latest contribution, the remake of British import Make Me A Supermodel. Continuing the network’s
gay-friendly casting ways, the show includes one out model in the competition. His
name is Ronnie Kroell and he’s not just another pretty face. In fact, he’s a political science major, runs his own
not-for-profit organization, is politically active, and hopes to
one day be president.

We recently
talked to him about the show, those White House aspirations, and his porn star ex-boyfriend. Hi Ronnie,
thanks so much for talking to us.

Ronnie Kroell: Absolutely. It’s my

AE: We know you’re 24, from Chicago, IL, you’ve acted and
modeled, and you’re studying political science. What else should we know
about you?

RK: I am an only child and my
parents are divorced. I am interested in working out. I work out just about
every day.

AE: After seeing the show, I would have guessed that.
[laughs] And I have a very deep passion for the arts and diversity
issues. I actually started a not-for-profit organization about three years ago
now called 4 + 1 Productions.

AE: What does the organization do?
It’s a production company dedicated to bridging diversity through the
arts. We’re trying to build ourselves into being a very strong network of
artists in the Chicago-land community. By supporting their work in the
community, we hope we can work together to break down prejudice and stereotypes
at all levels. At one point, we were going to be focused on the GLBT community,
but we decided to broaden our horizons. Our definition of diversity is the
unique experiences and differences that we each bring to the table as human

AE: In the casting special you mentioned you have a boyfriend. How long
have you been together?
Actually, we are no longer together. We broke up just before the
Thanksgiving holiday and decided to become good friends.

AE: Well, that’s always good too.
[laughs] Definitely. It’s good to be friends.

AE: You mentioned that a previous partner turned out to be a porn star
and escort. How did you find out and what did you say to him?
[laughs] It’s actually pretty funny. I can laugh about now in
hindsight. About six months into our relationship, a friend of mine called me
and told me I really need to sit down before I heard the information he had to
share with me. I asked why and he said, "Just sit down. Ronnie, your
boyfriend is most definitely a porn star and you have to go to this site."

So I went to this site
and, sure enough, there was my current boyfriend in every Kama Sutra position you could come up with. [laughs] It was one of
those situations where I was a little frustrated, as you can imagine.

I never had anything
against what people decide to do with their lives, I don’t judge people in that
manner, but this was my boyfriend so of course I did have a conversation with
him. I asked him if he wouldn’t do that while I was with him, and we worked on
it for quite some time, to the end of a three-year, on-again-off-again
relationship. It didn’t quite work out. He kind of went back to everything. It
was an interesting time of my life.

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