Interview with “Project Runway” winner Christian Siriano

Season Four of Bravo’s Project Runway was arguably the gayest television show ever aired. Seven of the eight male contestants were out gay men, and so was host/mentor Tim Gunn, judge Michael Kors, and at least a few of the guest judges.

Considering they’re fashion designers, the "gay" part wasn’t really news, but the "out" part wasn’t the kind of thing we’d have seen in a pre-Queer Eye world.

This season set itself apart in other ways, too, but most notably in the quality of the design work produced by the contestants. And it’s no surprise, given that most of them were already fairly successful in the fashion world already, with names like Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, and Valentino on their resumes.

But it was a lovably bratty, supremely confident 21-year-old design diva, Christian Siriano, who strutted off the runway wearing the crown. And in the final challenge, when he competed with two other designers on the Bryant Park runway of New York’s Fashion Week, his bold exterior finally developed a few cracks.

Christian was pale, quiet, and nervous. Tim Gunn asked worriedly if he was all right, and Heidi Klum looked at him in concern and asked, incredulous, if he was nervous. He even broke down and cried a little waiting to hear the final verdict, and then cried a lot when Heidi told him he was the winner.

Who knew the fierce one had a soft side?

One person who did was his boyfriend, musician and blogger Brad Walsh, who on Thursday posted the somewhat unlikely and very romantic story of their relationship – including how Christian booted him out after their first night together because Tim Gunn was on his way over. With a camera crew. chatted with America’s newest fashion superstar about his new romance, his family, what he really thinks of Tim Gunn, and what he wants to do for Britney Spears. Congratulations on your win!
Christian Siriano: Thank you very much.

AE: How many interviews have you done since last night?
You’re sounding a little hoarse.
I have no idea. It’s a lot. It’s fine. It’s fabulous. I
love it.

AE: You do sound happy.
I am happy. I’m good. I want you to know it’s a
casual day, just chatting with everyone.

AE: So, I read Brad’s post about you in JunkMag
today, and I just thought it was so sweet. He’s so proud of you.
Oh, I didn’t even know he posted something.

AE: He did. It was beautiful, and do you know his mom
posted, too?
Oh really?

AE: Yeah.
Everyone is being so fabulous.

AE: I know. It’s adorable.
I’ll have to go on there.

AE: She sounds great. What is she like?
She’s great. She’s so fun and she like loves the show as
well. Like she’s so great.

AE: As a lesbian, I love seeing gay people with our families
loving us, loving our partners and rooting for us. That’s such an uplifting
thing to see.
Yeah, it is.

AE: Your family must be really happy for you, too.
Everyone is so excited. I mean my mom’s crazy. I’m like,
“Mom, did you see this article?” She’s like, “Are you joking? I bought five
copies already.” I’m like, “Okay, girl!” She’s like, “And then I was at Kinko’s
for three hours and I photocopied everything.” I mean, she is so great. It is
hilarious. I love it.

AE: I know you haven’t read Brad’s post. So now I’m going to
tell you things he talks about.

AE: How you guys met, and he says basically that he got
booted out of your apartment just before Tim Gunn came in to check out your
collection [in part one of the season finale].
[laughing] Yes.

AE: What was that like?
That was funny. We kind of just met, so it was a little
weird. And I couldn’t really tell him why he had to go. So it was kind of
strange. He was okay with it, obviously.

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