Interviews: Lisa Kudrow, Tyra Banks, Christine Baranski, and Hot New “Top Model” Gay Johnny Wujek

The biannual Television Critics Association panels in L.A. are a blitz of celebrity talent, meet-and-greet receptions, and the occasional Palin sightings. I’m serious. (Tune in tomorrow to hear about my bizarre run-in with Sarah. Pray for me.) On Sunday night, I attended the grand CBS/CW/Showtime soiree and grabbed soundbites from some of my favorite talent in the room. Below, hear about Lisa Kudrow‘s next dream character, Tyra Banks‘ favorite supermodel of all time, America’s Next Top Model‘s new creative director Johnny Wujek (Jay Manuel‘s replacement) on how he almost bedded his female icon, and Christine Baranski‘s memories of her finest screen role ever: a perky camp counselor in Addams Family Values.

Lisa Kudrow on her favorite types of characters.

Lisa Kudrow was legendary as Phoebe on Friends, heartbreaking and hilarious as Valerie Cherish on The Comeback, and now she’s a delusional therapist on Showtime’s Web Therapy. What do they have in common? Kudrow explains, and she also teases the kind of character she wants to play next.

“Right now what’s funny and mockable to me — well, it’s always the same thing. It’s always that person who isn’t aware of how they’re coming off. I thought I was being really horrible as Fiona [from Web Therapy], and I am, but I would want to do someone else who’s really just horrible to people. I’d want to be someone’s boss. There need to be people who have to deal with her. But I also want them to kind of admire her because she’s good at what she does, though she’s just so damaged that she can’t deal with people well. And she knows she’s damaged! And she isn’t trying to fix it.”

Tyra Banks picks the best supermodel of all time.

As America’s Next Top Model enters its 19th cycle, let’s rewind back to a time when supermodels ruled the Earth. Here, I force Ms. Banks to pick her favorite classic supermodel of all time and up-and-coming model.

“Classic supermodel? Christy Turlington. She defies all ethnicity. She’s so mixed up. She had a beauty that was atypical, you know? It’s not just traditional; there are things about it that make it otherworldly. You look at her and go, ‘Uh? Woah.’ My new supermodel is Karlie Kloss. To me, she can move her ass off. She used to be a dancer. She’s alive! There are things that happen in her face! She’s like a pro already. My ex-agent, my agent from a long time ago at Elite Models, he said she reminds him of the models from my day. It’s not too unusual that a model would be a dancer first, but to be as big as she is? It is.”

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