Is Hulu about to get a whole lot gayer with shows from the UK’s Channel 4?

Coming soon to Hulu: the original Queer as Folk guys and Stephen Fry as Peter Kingdom

The video streaming site Hulu certainly can be an addictive space to spend a few hours. Its mix of current NBC and Fox shows along with TV classics like The Facts of Life and Doogie Howser, MD has certainly kept me occupied on a rainy day.

Now Hulu is about to get an infusion of British programming (and, most likely, become even more addictive) with a new arrangement to feature content from the UK’s Channel 4.

If you’re enough of a Brit TV geek to know about Channel 4, you probably first heard of it when the groundbreaking drama Queer as Folk became a sensation stateside. QaF isn’t the only Channel 4 show to cross the pond and find a gay following, as the network is also the home of Shameless, Hollyoaks and Skins, as well as some of Graham Norton earlier talk shows. So will this deal make Hulu a lot gayer?

From the original Folk

In the short term, definitely, since the two shows that get mentioned as part of the deal are Queer as Folk and the Stephen Fry drama Kingdom. Back when Queer as Folk debuted, being able to watch the drama required knowing someone who managed to get their hands on a copy of the series. Since then, watching gay TV from other countries has become easier, with distribution on Hulu the logical next step.

I’ve certainly got my wish list of shows I’d like to see. Do you have other shows you hope will make it Stateside via Hulu?

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