“It Gets Better” at Brigham Young University

Coming on the heels of a very popular public forum at Brigham Young University (“Everything You Ever Wanted Know About Homosexuality – But Were Afraid to Ask“), gay students at the country’s largest Mormon campus have just released a beautifully produced “It Gets Better” video which features clean cut students struggling with how to square their same sex attraction with their religious beliefs and family expectations.

The very fact that there are any students at BYU who will publicly identify as gay is pretty groundbreaking. It was only a few years ago that the school changed its Honor Code to allow LGBT students to enroll. And those that do enroll still have to strictly adhere to the Mormon faith, remain celibate and refrain from advocating homosexual behavior.

But what is “homosexual behavior?” The great thing about these students is – they put the lie to the notion that being gay is just about one’s sexual activities. That’s an important message to get out to the Mormon community, a community which has so actively campaigned against gay marriage. Good luck to these kids. Even at Brigham Young it does indeed get better.


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