It’s Carole King Week in Hollywood: Shout Out Her Best Non-“Tapestry” Tracks!

Carole King is having a pretty terrific week: The legendary 70-year-old singer/songwriter was finally awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame just yesterday, and tonight she’ll be honored at a Hollywood fundraiser called “A Celebration of Carole King and Her Music” (for Paul Newman’s Painted Turtle Camp) where talents like Alicia Keys, John Legend, Jack Nicholson (?!), and Katy Perry will toast her.

My God, I could not love Carole King more. If you don’t Tapestry, her 1971 blockbuster that I just crowned the greatest female solo album ever to sell 10 million records, you’re a traitor to the human race. But it’s less likely that you own Carole’s other albums, which feature so, so many fabulous songs. Here a bunch that I think you’ll love. (Some are more familiar than others.)

“Sweet Seasons”

Already weeping! “Sweet Seasons” is a classic example of Carole’s charm and sincerity paired with a winning melody. It is a dream. I also love how simple adages feel so warm and, in their own way, truer coming out Carole’s mouth. “Sometimes you win / sometimes you lose / and sometimes the blues get a hold of you / just when you thought had made it.” It sounds so sweet! Talking about the sweet seasons! 

“Been to Canaan”

Here are just a few of the things I love about “Been to Canaan”: the gentle lulls in this song between “Been so long…” and “I can’t remember when…”; the dreamy imagery; the amazing line, “We all need a promised land”; the whole bridge; that twinkly-ass piano! Give it to me.

“Only Love Is Real”

Perhaps my absolute favorite on the list — “Only Love Is Real” is soothing, cool, heavenly, and super catchy. “Everything else illusion” could sound like a preachy bit of “Imagine”-esque lyricism, but instead it seems like another truthful, wonderfully divined insight. I literally can’t stop beaming at these songs, and you’ll forgive me when my descriptions get trite. It’s Carole King, kids! The world’s greatest!


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