It’s National Siblings Day! Who Are The Hottest Hollywood Brothers?

It’s National Siblings Day! No, I didn’t just make this up so I could do this post, it’s actually real.

While we figure out our own ways to celebrate our brothers and sisters today (I think I’ll send my sister a bouquet of dandelions to honor our favorite childhood game “Momma had a baby and its head popped off”), let’s take a look at some our favorite Hollywood brothers. They may not be equally famous, but they all prove that blood is thicker than Twitter followers.

Oh, and they’re all hot.

Luke, Liam, And Chris Hemsworth

While Liam and Chris hog the Hollywood spotlight, Luke has carved out his own successful career on Australian TV, most notably on Neighbors. And he’s thankfully managed to steer clear of the sad sibling rivalry between his younger brothers.

Aaron and Shawn Ashmore

Aaron and Shawn both have successful careers, and have managed to do it without giving us what we really want … an evil/good twin appearance. We got to know Shawn from his role as Iceman in the X-Men films and his current role on The Following, and Aaron, of course, is our beloved gay agent Steve Jinks on Warehouse 13. Hey! WH13 comes back next week, so it’s not too late to get our good/evil twin fantasy. But which is which?

Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas

Remember when they were all demure and babbling about purity rings? Me either

Jordan and Jonathan Knight

Obviously, Jordan is acknowledging that The Jonas Brothers have carried on the boyband flame. Why Jonathan would be pointing at Nick’s shirtless body … I’m not sure.

Ben and Casey Affleck

Initially overshadowed by big brother Ben, Casey has established his own successful career, earning an Oscar nomination and directing fake documentaries. He’s comes a long way from his breakthrough role as “Little Kid” in Chasing Amy.

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