It’s the Winter Gay TV Guide!

It’s winter, it’s cold outside, and you want to stay home and watch some gay
TV. But what to watch?

It’s true that there’s been a wintery chill in the air lately when it comes
to gays on TV. has been quick to lament the plethora of “barely
there” regular gay characters on shows such as Privileged, Lipstick
and others, as well as the plunge in the number of gay characters on
the broadcast networks.

But television’s hot chocolate mug is still at least half full with rich and
creamy gay goodness.

Where can that television be found? And more important, should it be

Let the Great Gay help you decide!

What’s the Great Gay, you ask? That’s the collective wisdom of all who toil
here at, the sum total of years of thoughtful criticism and
endless, stupefying television viewing.

Well, okay, it’s mostly just me blathering on, with the others yelling at me
whenever I get something wrong.

Items or Less

Why It’s Gay: This late-night
comedy show set in a real, working grocery store is loosely plotted, but mostly
improvised. The supporting cast includes
Christopher Liam Moore, who is openly gay, as Richard Mednick, a gay cashier who dreams of being a
professional figure skater.

The cast of 10 Items or Less (Christopher Liam Moore second from right)

When It’s On: Tuesdays, 11 PM, on
TBS, with new episodes resuming January 6th.

The Great Gay Says: Improvisational
comedy doesn’t always translate well to television, but this show has its
moments. It’s co-creator John Lehr’s show all the way, but Moore manages to drum up some laughs, usually
playing the straight man (so to speak) to the group of incompetent wackos who
surround him. The characters have delved into Richard’s personal life before,
and they’ll do so again, most notably on the February 10th episode
when Lehr’s clueless, bumbling Leslie decides to play matchmaker for Richard.

Real World: Brooklyn

Why It’s Gay: The show is back
for its 21st season with its 21,000th hot gay character,
J.D., a former high school swimmer and now a dolphin trainer. The season also includes
a MTF transgender participant, Katelynn.

The Real World: Brooklyn‘s cast
includes J.D. (top left) and Katelynn (bottom left)

When It’s On: Wednesdays, 10 PM,
on MTV, with the season premiere on January 7th.

The Great Gay Says: Is there
anything new to be done with this never-ending series? Probably not, but the
show does include Chet and Devyn, two participants who don’t believe in
“premarital sex,” so maybe that’ll keep the drunken debauchery to a minimum.
But let’s face it: the producers are probably just setting us up to watch these
two make a serious descent into depravity.

Katelynn’s Real World application video

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