“It’s the Young and Hip Oscars!”

Oh lordy. We all love James Fanco, and Anne Hathaway too, but the 83rd Annual Academy Awards ceremony was kind of a mess. At one point, after presenter Kirk Douglas went rogue and Melissa Leo dropped an F bomb, Anne Hathaway squealed “It’s the young and hip Oscars!” Oh honey, you wish.

The opening video montage where the hosts were digitally inserted into scenes from all the best pictures had its charms, but felt like it needed to be edited down to half its length. A problem with having ten best picture nominees, I guess. One major highlight: we got to see James Franco in white ballet tights. And may I say, baby got back!

When Franco and Hathaway finally took to the stage, their respective energies just didn’t mesh well. Franco was too stiff and set back on his heels. Hathaway, meanwhile, was aggressively perky.

And the problems extended well beyond the hosts. The whole show felt sluggish, poorly written, and poorly directed. When the big opening joke was having Hathaway’s Mom and Grandma Franco stand up in the audience and play cute… well, expectations for the evening had to be adjusted precipitously downward. 

One highlight was having The King’s Speech producer Iain Canning actually thanking his boyfriend as his boyfriend. As opposed to just mentioning his name in a long list of other people he thanked.

On the pages that follow you’ll find a photo gallery of ceremony highlights as well as some of the most memorable red carpet looks. Please share your thoughts on the show in the comments.

The King’s Speech producer Iain Canning didn’t stutter when thanking his boyfriend.

“Not letting go.”

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