James Franco lets it all hang out regarding his “Milk” nude scenes

We’ve been posting a lot about James Franco lately because he’s being going out of his way to talk about his role as Harvey Milk’s lover Scott Smith in Gus Van Sant’s Milk biopic during his press appointments for Pineapple Express.

And not only that, but he’s doing it with style, humor, and a refreshing lack of "no homo", as displayed beautifully in his appearance on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel where he discusses his use of a prosthetic penis during the nude scenes and how at ease he and fellow straight co-star Sean Penn were with each other when playing lovers. Not to get all Zapruder film or anything, but notice how he doesn’t drop his gaze or voice when he gets to the "gay" parts – he’s a true pro, and a hell of a funny interview as well.

And wait, did he really just reference Murmur of the Heart?!

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