JD Ordonez from “The Real World: Brooklyn”

With his classic good looks, outspokenness and gritty life story, JD Ordonez is making
quite the splash on the latest edition of MTV’s The Real World. Set in Brooklyn,
New York, this 22nd
season may very well be the queerest Real
ever as it features not just the openly gay JD, but bisexual Sarah and transgender Katelynn.

We recently caught up with the full-time dolphin trainer who talked frankly about his relationship with Katelynn, his anti-immigrant remarks, being a representative
of the gay community on television, and whether he thinks of himself as a role

AfterElton: I’m gonna have to start
with a really tough question: Who’s easier to train, dolphins or men?
JD Ordonez :
Dolphins or men? [laughs]
Well, lately it’s been dolphins. I really haven’t had a love life lately, so
I’ve just been working a lot. 

AE: Too busy for a love life, does
that make you single right now?
: Yeah, I am. 

AE: The Real World is going into it’s 22nd season. How aware
were you of the whole RW phenomenon
before you joined the cast?
I’ve been watching it since I
was a kid. I remember watching Real World
San Francisco
with Pedro Zamora. He was a pivotal part of why I wanted to
do this experience. 

I always wanted the family I never had. His life and mine have many
parallels. We’re both young gay men of color, we’re both from Miami and of Cuban descent, and we’re both
HIV activists. His story was a little bit different than mine, since he was
positive and I’m negative, but what happened to him can happen to me and can
happen to anyone, and I really expressed that throughout this season.

On tonight’s episode I actually raised half a million dollars with Breaking
the Cycle, which is an HIV/AIDS bike race from Gettysburg,
PA to Manhattan.
It was really cool this season that we got to do what we wanted to pursue,
which is why I think we got along more than maybe some other seasons. I mean,
we had our fights and stuff, but at the end we’re all cordial towards each

The cast of Real World: Brooklyn

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