Jeff Davis Teases “Teen Wolf” Season Conclusion. Plus, Exclusive Preview Clip!

With only two episodes left in the stellar second season of MTV’s Teen Wolf, we thought it was time to check in with out series creator Jeff Davis to chat about the show, its stars, and where the various storyline threads are heading. Bet you didn’t realize the painstaking efforts Davis and his crew go through to make sure all those fabulous body shots of the male cast members don’t come off as merely gratuitous. (Not that we would complain!)

We also have an exclusive clip of Monday’s episode, entitled “Battlefield,’ courtesy of the fine folks at MTV.

AfterElton: Before we dive into the next episode, I must ask about ‘The Fury’ episode, which has that Abercrombie and Finch moment for Tyler Hoechlin. When you have something like that which still fits into the story and fits into what Derek is going through, where does that moment actually come from? Is it, ‘Hey, let’s just give him a moment to really look at how hard he’s been working on his body.’?
Jeff Davis:
Well, it is funny because this season we weren’t specifically going for shirtless shots, but in the back of your mind you want to service the fans and I think Mr. Hoechlin has worked quite hard. The idea actually came from my consulting producer, Christian Taylor, because he was talking to Hoechlin, and Hoechlin was surprised he hadn’t done any shirtless scenes in this season. Christian said, ‘Hey, I’ve got an idea. When we bring him back from consciousness, he’s naked.’ I said, ‘We can’t do naked, but we can certainly do waist up.’ It was funny because the director decided to do it two ways. The first way was out of focus, and it eventually comes into focus as the camera comes to his face. We looked at him, and we were like, ‘Are you crazy? Look at him. He’s the perfect specimen.’

AE: Talk to me about the eroticism of the show, because we have seen a lot of Colton [Haynes] this season, from head to toe pretty much. You guys always do it…I’m not sure tasteful is the right word, but you guys do make sure it is not just simply gratuitous. Even the moment when Colton is in the shower with Allison. That still is a scary scene because he really comes at her and you kind of forget he is naked, which is hard to do when it’s Colton Haynes. What is the rule for you guys if that eroticism is going to be part of a scene?
The rule is that it first serves the story. I think in the first season we’re willing to do anything we can to get publicity and make ratings because you want your show to survive. I wanted people to have jobs to come back to when they left. In the second season we were conscious of at least trying to be part of the world of the show. I think America has a lot more hesitancy at showing the human body more than many other countries do, and I don’t really see why. They are beautiful actors, why not show them off? I’ll say it is in the name of art.

AE: In this last episode, Scott’s mother finally finds out that Scott is a werewolf. Why was right now the time for her to finally know what her son is going through?
Much of it has to do with Melissa Ponzio being a fantastic actor, and when you have a very capable actress who is both funny and a very good dramatic actress you want to use her more. In a drama show like this in order to use the characters more I feel like they have to be clued in onto the truth of the show. It is part of my way of being able to use her more, and have her as a more active character in season three.

We see something similar in season one with Allison (Crystal Reed) where it is hard to make her character very active in the first half of the series, because she wasn’t really a part of the supernatural world. Now she has become very dark in season two where the conflict is much clearer now. We want to keep the secret from certain characters to maintain the tension and conflict of Scott having to keep a secret like the super hero’s secret identity. At a certain point it gets to be where you want to use that character more and things become a part of the supernatural side of the story, and Melissa is phenomenal.

AE: Speaking of Allison, I love where you guys are taking her because I feel like even though revenge has pushed her to the point where she does want to take action I’m also wondering, is she going to fall in love with some of this power that comes along with that and just what she sees she’s capable of.
Power is corrupting, and I told Crystal that we were definitely going to take her character darker this season. Crystal said to me, ‘I would love to go insane.’ I said, ‘I don’t know if we can quite do that, but we’re definitely going to take the character to a point where many of the fans may not like her and may not agree with her decisions.’ I think you can understand her. Her mother had to commit suicide for her family. She is under the slave of a very powerful figure in the family, her grandfather, who is very practically and capably manipulating her. He is pulling the wool over her eyes.

Crytal Reed as Allison Argent and Michael Hogan as Grandfather Gerard

JD: One of the tensions of the show I think is having the audience members worry about whether she is going to succumb to it and whether she is actually going to do something terrible. Hopefully it is a light kind of tension where we don’t entirely take her by what she does. We always want to make our characters seem believable and understandable, but we can worry for her. That is what we’re trying to do with Allison. I think Crystal as an actor is more than capable of handling it. I actually really enjoyed her performance in episode eleven when she gets very badass.

AE: In this next episode, will we get a better clue as to what Gerard’s (Michael Hogan) plan is? I feel like maybe it is a lot bigger than just taking down Derek and his pack. Is that right?
Yeah, Gerard has big plans. You are going to have to wait until the finale, which is called ‘Master Plan’ to really understand what his master plan is. That is as much as I can give you.

Dylan O’Brien ignites the crowd at Comic-Con

Photo credit: Alexandra Wyman/Getty

AE: Stiles had a great time in this next episode. I’m curious, did you foresee that Stiles would become so popular as well as Dylan [O’Brien]? Even at Comic-Con, I think he got the biggest cheers out of everybody.
To be honest, when we saw Dylan in the pilot, I really felt like we had a star in the making. He was just so perfect for the role. I think that he has a natural talent. He has a certain charm and that charisma that is very rare in an actor. I see a lot of young actors in this business and I have a lot of friends. I try to give my friends chances on the show like one-liners or bringing them in for auditions. Some of them are good and some of them are typical actors, but when you find someone like Dylan O’Brien, who has this charisma, it is just unquantifiable that now you’ve got a star. It doesn’t surprise me. I think he’s got a huge career ahead of him. I think he will be like winning Oscars. It would not surprise me. Look at Leonardo DiCaprio who started in a TV show when he was a teenager, Growing Pains. He had that same charisma.


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