Jesse Tyler Ferguson to play gay again when he joins ABC’s “An American Family”

Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson played a gay character in the late, unlamented FOX sitcom Do Not Disturb, but he will have a chance to put that dud behind him with his new role in the intriguing ABC pilot An American Family:


Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd‘s docu-style single-camera comedy Family, from 20th TV, revolves around three families: one comprised of a working dad, stay-at-home mom and two kids; another that includes a 60-year-old man who becomes a stepfather after marrying a Latina who is 30 years his junior; and the third, a gay couple who have just adopted a Vietnamese baby. Ferguson will play one of the gay dads.


It’s a fresh idea, and with the pedigree of Levitan and Lloyd behind it (who have helped helm such classics as Frasier, The Golden Girls, and The Larry Sanders Show), it could turn out to be something special.

Of course, those guys also gave the world Stacked and Back To You, so it may turn out to be another dud.

There’s no word on who will play the other gay dad, but I recommend Christopher Sieber. He’s out, talented, and has played one half of a gay sitcom couple before, in It’s All Relative.

Who would you like to see paired with Jesse?

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