Jughead Ditches Archie For a Gay BFF

Wow. We really are living in a brave new world. Just this morning Ed mentioned in the Meme that Archie Comics was headed to the Jersey Shore (or Riverdale Shore) in an upcoming edition where they’d meet up with Snookie and The Situation

Far more groundbreaking, the Archie comics universe is also going to be introducing a gay character! Who knew Riverdale had a gay neighborhood? 

According to Newsarama, In Veronica #202 (to be released September 21st, 2010) handsome Kevin Keller moves to town and Veronica does everything she can to get him to notice her. Kevin confides in new friend Jughead that he’s not interested because he’s gay. Jughead has no problem with Kevin’s orientation but convinces him to delay telling Veronica because he likes seeing her so frustrated. The story is called "Isn’t it Bromantic?".

Honestly, there’s a lot that surprises me here. First, I’m surprised that the Archie Comics universe, which has been around since 1939, still has a fan base big enough to support almost a dozen titles. (Jughead Comics, Archie Comics, Archie & Friends, Betty Comics, and so on.) More power to ‘em!

Second, I’m very pleasantly surprised that, while Kevin’s orientation sounds like it’s a plot point in the story, it’s not actually treated as that big of a deal.

Third, I guess I’m surprised at how curious I now am to want to pick up an Archie comic after something like twenty years. I’m already concocting future comic plots involving gay Kevin. Perhaps in a later issue he could mistake that metrosexual Reggie for gay? I think Jughead (and readers) might get a kick out of that too.

What say AfterEltonites? Does this new gay character make you more likely to pick up an Archie comic?

Below via Newsarama is a panel from the upcoming comic…

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