Jumping the Sook: Rating “True Blood”‘s Polarizing Plots

True Blood made a big red splash when it premiered on HBO five seasons ago in all its oversexed, undead glory. But even fangbangers who have been following the show with a religious devotion that would put Salome to shame might be inclined to confess that the show has had its share of slips in quality, particularly this season.

So the question at hand is: Has True Blood jumped the Sook? Or, despite some missteps, has it managed to avoid shifting the bed?

We present ten of the most maligned plotlines and debate whether each spelled the end for the Bon Temps crew. Then we ask YOU to weigh in by voting on whether each plotline worked … and whether any has sent the show to an early grave.

1. The Authority

Season 5 focused on vampire politics in the form of the secret shadow government behind the American Vampire League.

Staking Point! As we all know, people tune into supernatural fantasies to be reminded that they should really be watching C-SPAN.

Turning Point! Dull as it may have been, all can be forgiven thanks to the presence of Chris Meloni in (and out of) a golf shirt.

2. Vampire Tara

The Season 5 premiere found Sookie and Lafayette enlisting Pam to help save Tara by turning her into a vampire.

Staking Point! The show has never known what to do with poor Tara, and she’d have been better off dead.

Turning Point! Vampire Tara is waaaay more fun than gothic damsel-in-distress Tara, witch Tara, and lesbian cage-fighter Tara combined.

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