Kevin discusses partner, reads letter from him on “Big Brother”

Earlier this season, the 11th season of CBS’s stalwart reality show Big Brother made news for the homophobic behavior of some of it’s houseguests. You know, like pretty much every other season of the show (and we previously covered CBS’ hypocritical handling of these incidents). Fortunately, a couple of more positive things have happened since then, including out contestant Kevin Campbell apparently securing himself a spot in the top four.

This surpasses the fifth place finish of Marcellas Reynolds in the show’s third season and, frankly, comes as quite a surprise as Kevin hasn’t exactly been a power player. But kudos to him for making it this far and as this week’s Head of Household, Kevin was rewarded with a letter from his partner which he read to the other housemates on last night’s episode.

These later episodes have also featured Kevin openly firting with Jeffrey in an innocent and appropriate  way. And Jeffrey, despite the homophobic insults he hurled at Russell earlier in the season, appears to be completely fine with the flirting apparently understanding Kevin (happily partnered for nine years) is simply paying him a compliment and his behavior is no different than how most of the straight guys on the show behave. 

We’ve also seen Kevin discussing being gay and some of the issues involved with that. I certainly don’t want to overstate the significance of what’s been shown, but it’s hard not to think that Jeffrey and Jordan (who has also used the word "gay" as a putdown) might think twice before using those words as well. And maybe even a viewer or two has learned something. 

Hey, I can dream, can’t I? 

On the other hand, now that Kevin went and stabbed Jeffrey in the back, who knows what insults might come flying out of his mouth? 

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