Kevin Smith talks gay bears on Letterman

Echoing his recent comments in print, filmmaker Kevin Smith appeared on David Letterman earlier this week to promote his new book My Boring Ass Life and wound up discussing his appearance on the cover of gay magazine A Bear's Life. Smith explains to David what a "bear" is and how he came to be on the cover of a publication catering to them (um … they asked him), and concludes by celebrating the fact that anyone would sexualize him in any way.

Smith's casual "hey, I don't care who thinks I'm hot!" attitude is both unsurprising for the famously easygoing filmmaker and a refreshing change from straight male celebs who for some reason feel that being found attractive by another man is the worst thing in the world that could happen.

As a side note, between this, Stephen Colbert's bear fixation (which has extended to the gay variety a number of times for jokes) and BearForce One, are bears having the Best Year Ever?

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