Langford On Soaps: The Best and Worst of 2013


Plus, what’s ahead for the gays of General Hospital and Days of Our Lives, Mick urges his son Johnny to come out on EastEnders and John Paul and Finn spend the night together on Hollyoaks.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

I missed the week of Days where the show dealt with Sonny initially finding out about the murder and didn’t bother trying to watch since I didn’t have to review that week. After all, with the show giving us so many flashbacks during the storyline, I feel like I didn’t miss anything at all. And that’s not a good thing.

So now Will knows. But can I say his overwrought concern about his family throwing him a surprise party is such a dumb plot point? Will following Gabi and Sonny and actually hiding in the closet to eavesdrop? Sigh….

This silly story just gets sillier, like with dumb scenes of Sonny, Gabi and Kate with exaggerated looks of horror on their faces so they couldn’t smile for the Santa picture. But I did like EJ hoping Sami hadn’t killed so soon after her last murder. That was funny as was EJ and Sami’s ensuing conversation about it, especially EJ admonishing Sami about being such an amateur at covering up a murder. But I do think that Sami should have told EJ from the start. I mean if anyone knows how to handle an accidental murder it would be EJ.

BTW, the Nick lookalike was hot. Yummy! And I think it was sweet that Adrienne referred to Arianna as her first grandchild. Seeing Jack’s ornament made me miss Jack. But where was Sonny’s? Maybe next year after he and Will are actually married. And I loved Ciara trash talking Ally for blabbing about the earring. While I don’t much care for Theresa, I did like her nasty comment about what would happen if JJ went to the slammer. Maggie’s Christmas speech was really sweet as was her aside to the camera. And the cliffhanger of Sami seeing Nick’s floating body (though it’s a fake out of course) was hot.

*Thanks to MRFIXIT for the clips!

Emmerdale (U.K.)

Thank you, Emmerdale. Here I was expecting an angsty drawn out coming out drama and there was no drama at all. Finn’s family knows he’s gay and it’s no big deal. In fact, Finn’s being gay was revealed in a scene that wasn’t about him, though I’m not sure if I buy Ross referencing his brother being gay in that particular scene. Still, I couldn’t be more delighted and am just looking forward to the show telling a story with Finn that is not about homophobia or coming out. And as there’s no chance of anything ever happening between Finn and Andy, I’m wondering who Finn’s love interest will be as there are no other gay men in the village.

They better not be planning a coming out drama for Andy. Andy is totally hot, but having him question his sexuality would be a stretch as he’s been on the show for nearly 20 years and has only been into women. While I don’t think the show is going there any more than when Aaron had a crush on Adam, I’m just going on record that I don’t want to see it happen.

As for the final scene with Finn and Robbie, I hope it doesn’t mean anything as well. Robbie is a relatively new character and while he is a perceived womanizer, he’s been unattached during most of his duration on the show. Like with Andy, let’s avoid the coming out drama and get Finn a beau that’s out of the closet already.

General Hospital (U.S.)

Shut up, Felix. He’s just so overbearing. He’s actually the worst kind of friend, telling you what he thinks you want to hear rather than what you need to hear, even if it hurts. If he had have at least prepared Sabrina for the possibility that Patrick might go back to his wife, maybe she wouldn’t have been so hurt when it happened.

As for Sabrina’s sudden illness, is it any surprise that she would be pregnant? This show loves baby stories after all. The thing is, it’s not a bad story. It’s classic soap opera. I just don’t care for Patrick and Sabrina as a couple and a pregnancy will tie them together forever. If it’s Patrick’s baby, of course. Remember a few weeks ago when Sabrina thought she had sex with Carlos?

Carlos said they didn’t, but he might have lied to her to make her feel better. My guess – eventually he’ll reveal they did hook up and then we’ll have a “who’s the daddy?” story. And Felix will have an opinion on everything rather than having his own life and minding his own business. I can hear him now, haranguing Patrick about abandoning his poor baby mama. Sigh….

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