Langford on Soaps: Brendan’s Punch of “Love” on “Hollyoaks”


Hotel Cæsar

I really hope that Måne comes out soon because he’s really become unlikeable in his determination to hide his sexuality. He made quite the fool of himself railing that the fashion designer wasn’t gay and his comments to the man himself were rather mean-spirited.

I liked that the guy cut right through Måne’s nonsense and tried to help him, even if he doesn’t deserve it. I still don’t think when Måne finally does come out that it’ll be a big deal. His father is open-minded and non-judgmental as is his grandmother. I think they’ll be fine with it and will prove to be Måne’s biggest supporters.

I do like Måne’s father and his attempts to be a parent to Måne after neglecting him is rather sweet. Måne needs parental guidance to be sure, if only to do something about that nasty attitude of his. I think his father is right in that Måne needs to focus more on school and being a kid than running around the hotel and trying to be a corporate tycoon or something. Hopefully that might change in the future as well.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the next arc of the story plays out now that Måne is having sexual fantasies about Rock Young, who is due to become involved in the storyline. I think what I found most interesting is that Rock is somewhat older than Måne and is a far different type than Stellan, Måne’s previous boyfriend.

I can’t imagine anything romantic or sexual would happen between them since the guy seems old enough to be Måne’s father (though Måne did have sex with a much older woman in a previous story arc), but spoilers indicate that Måne meeting Rock will finally lead to his coming out.

And that can’t happen fast enough.


I was really disappointed with how they ended the storyline regarding Aidan’s problem at work. After all this time and all this drama, they wrapped it up with a quick off screen meeting and a short scene from Aidan explaining that it had been resolved. But I do wish Chris would stop being a whiny baby about how Aidan didn’t rush to let him help with the situation. It’s finished. Chris should just let it go and accept that he and Aidan handle problems differently.

Stop whining, Chris!

The Christmas party was kind of fun but it’s a dullish way to wrap up the season for Chris, whose story didn’t end on a cliffhanger. I do wonder what’s ahead for Chris in the new season with all the changes due on the show and the rumored exit of Bob Morely, who plays Aidan. I hope that with the coming and goings in the cast Chris doesn’t get lost and find himself spending all his time advising his new straight pals about their lives.

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