Langford on Soaps: Will Makes A Shocking Decision on “Nashville”


Plus, big changes ahead for People of the Valley, Joscha comes out on All That Matters, Felix fights for Brad on GH and Ste’s children are in danger on Hollyoaks

Langford on Soaps

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Memo to Sonny: if you’re going to threaten someone, please have the balls to follow through. When Sonny reminded Nick that he was a Kiriakis and Nick’s response was to roll his eyes and then make fun of Sonny, I laughed. Because we all know that Sonny won’t do anything even the tiniest bit out of line. It’s a shame the show refuses to write their gays as anything but blandly good, because this would be a perfect time for Sonny to show some colors and shadings, not to mention to be an active participant in the story.

Why can’t Sonny take a page from Uncle Victor, make a phone call and Nick would suffer a mysterious accident? Nick wouldn’t have to die or anything, but be taught a painful lesson. It would sure as hell add more juice to the story. As it is, my reaction is the same as Nick’s: hot air with nothing to back it up. But I’m loving Nick’s schemes and plots and manipulations. He’s great to watch and Blake Berris is clearly enjoying playing the bad boy character. I said long ago he’s the most entertaining thing on the show, and I still feel that way.

I liked the scenes with Sami and Will where they joked about their upcoming weddings. Though to be honest, I found Sami and Will’s relationship much more believable when Chandler Massey was in the role.

So…. Abigail might be pregnant with EJ’s baby? What a shock. I mean no one saw that coming, did they? LOL….

*Thanks to MRFIXIT for the clips!

Emmerdale (U.K.)

I’m glad the show is finally giving Finn something to do, though I have to wonder why he didn’t use this business acumen that he’s showing off for Declan when his family’s farm needed saving. I did like Charity teasing Finn about his very obvious crush on Declan, but I’m wondering exactly why Finn is attracted to Declan. Declan’s attractive enough, but a man who is so obviously into his girlfriend doesn’t seem like a good romantic prospect. But pining after straight guys has never really been my thing. Besides, it seemed to come out of nowhere from the scene where Declan hired Finn to the next one where he was staring longingly at him.

I’m glad Victoria pointed out how silly Finn was being was since Declan is straight. I also appreciated her giving Finn some history on Declan’s ugly past, even though Finn wasn’t listening. At least we know now that Finn likes older men, first Andy and now Declan. Nothing wrong with that. I suspect that Declan is going to use Finn’s attraction to him to take him for a ride. And I don’t mean one Finn would like. I still believe though, that Finn is eventually going to get involved with Robbie now that Finn is in Robbie’s orbit working for Declan and Megan.

I did like the bit where Finn typed in ‘bright young graduate needs cash fast’ and he got a porno site. But hey, one of those movies and he’d have his 800 pounds. Not that I’m advocating such a career, of course! And the little scene between Victoria and Finn where he talked about being a geek in Tokyo was hilarious. For the record, I like Finn’s comic book references. But then I’ve read them all my life so I can relate. And as for asking Val and Pollard for the money, did he really think they’d give him the money so he could quit and leave town? Seriously.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

I still don’t understand why anyone would ever go into business with Ste. Whether a legit business or a dodgy one, he always screws it up. And when the restaurant was raided with the cops looking for drugs, Tony didn’t once think his business partner was behind it? After all, Ste was a drug dealer and both his ex-lovers were dealers, so it’s not exactly a great leap of logic. I did like that Blessing immediately took the drugs to the police and reported them, unusual behavior in Hollyoaks. And I really like Blessing and Dennis together. It’s pretty clear he has a crush on her, though I don’t think he realizes it yet. I don’t want him sitting around pining for her for months like with Leanne however. It’s obvious they’ll wind up together, but let’s take a different route this time, shall we?

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