Langford on Soaps: Chandler Massey Departs “Days” Early, New Will Horton Already Cast

Plus, Robbie and Luke’s date is interrupted on River City, Vincent makes a painful confession on My Husbands’ Lover and Hudson is a murder suspect on Neighbours.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

River City (Scotland)

It’s been awhile since we’ve had any story for Will and Robbie and I’m glad to have them on my screen again as they deal with the impending end of their marriage. But now given that Will has signed over the business to Robbie and Robbie has taken of his ring, why haven’t either of them even mentioned getting a divorce? Robbie has even started dating someone new. You’d think they’d at least think about it.

I suspect though, there’s a reason why the show hasn’t gotten into that. I still think they’ll eventually reunite them, especially now that Will has been through therapy to deal with his issues (which Robbie doesn’t know at this point). Also, where is Petey? That’s another story thread I’m looking for the show to pick up again.

Let’s just hope this is the start of a new arc for this show’s very interesting gay characters. BTW, I’m hating the comments that Robbie could never land men like Will and Luke. Those kind of thoughts are shameful coming for gay viewers and those who support them. There are all types of gays and all types of gays who love them. Having such close minded thoughts to believe otherwise is just sad.

Neighbours (Australia)

I found myself saying ‘WTF’ several times during last week’s shows and it’s all about Hudson’s involvement in this hit and run storyline, which makes no sense at all. Until last week, Hudson and Josh were barely speaking to each other and now he’s helping Josh with his problems? Not to mention, I can’t recall Hudson ever having any significant scenes with Amber or Mason so why would he just give Mason thousands of dollars to pay off Mason’s blackmailer? Sure, Hudson’s family is rich, but it seems strange he would just throw that kind of cash around for people he barely knows. And don’t get me started on Chris involving Hudson in the first place and referring to a guy he’s only been dating a few weeks as his partner. I suppose we’re just to accept these relationships exists even though we never saw them develop on screen.

Of course, my big concern is that Hudson is involved for one reason only: he’s going to turn out to be the one who ran down Robbo. His motive would be flimsy, getting back the money, especially since he freely gave the money in the first place. And about that, if Hudson’s family is wealthy, then why can’t they afford to hire him a better coach than Brad? Moving on…

Anyway, I suspect that it’ll be Hudson who killed Robbo. He’s really the only character involved in the story who is not a regular cast member, never a good sign. And the show, frankly, shoehorned him into the story. It would be a shame if the show pinned the murder on him, but I wouldn’t be shocked.

It’s also a shame the show killed off Robbo (or will kill him as he dies this week). He was an interesting villain and the actor was not only hot, he gave a good performance. Oh well, I’m just hoping Hudson isn’t the killer. But, I’ve got a bad feeling.

My Husbands’ Lover (The Philippines)

Whew! The one thing you can always count on with My Husbands’ Lover is an emotional roller coaster. It certainly delivered that in last week’s subbed episodes as Vincent, Lally and Eric each found themselves crying bitter tears. There are always key scenes that stand out for me and I guess my favorite would be the one in the restaurant with Vincent and Dave where Vincent nearly broke down into a sobbing mess because even though he’d dumped Eric and resolved to work on his marriage, it was Eric he still wanted to be with and it was Eric who was most important to him. But I couldn’t help but think that Dave’s advice that Vincent should go back to his wife came from his jealousy that Eric would be the man that Vincent would wind up with instead of Dave and not any concerns about Lally and Vincent’s family.

I also liked the scenes where Vincent finally explained to Lally about the depth of he and Eric’s relationship and we got some nice flashbacks as well. It was interesting that the show made it clear that Vincent wanted to heal his marriage not because it was Lally he wanted to be with but because he can’t accept that he’s gay and the ramifications of facing that truth.

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