Langford on Soaps: Chris and Aiden Get a Second Chance at Love on “Neighbors”


Dangerous Relationships

Is this show still on? It would seem so, despite reports that the show was going to die an early death. Guess those reports were erroneous. Still, things haven’t changed for Alejandro and Diego with most of their relationship advancing off screen and the show continuing to avoid most physical contact between them.

I’m still not seeing why these two have anything to do with each other. Diego continues to treat Alejandro with little more than disgust and while Diego is clearly initiating the off screen kisses, we only get to see him treating Alejandro like trash afterwards, leaving us to wonder why Alejandro, who is a good kid, is putting up with it. The show hasn’t given us any reason why they should be together other than they’re the only two gay kids at that school, which of course is implausible. But being alone would be better than being with someone who constantly tells you you’re sick and need help.

But it’s headed for some resolution, with Nora and Diego being strong-armed into getting married and the show coming to a close soon. I’m sure it’ll close for Alejandro and Diego with Diego accepting who he is and he and Alejandro together as a couple. But I’m curious as to how things will end for Nora given her status as an illegal immigrant. I’m going to guess it’ll involve an out of left field plot twist—the norm for this show.

River City

Robbie and Will are kind of growing on me. Or maybe I’m giving them a pass because I like Will so much. I find him such an appealing character because he’s a regular guy, a cop, who just happens to be gay. Usually shows make everything about a character’s sexuality and with Will they never have. Even though the show had hinted at it, he wasn’t closeted at all at work, just so focused on the job that he had no personal life to speak of. And I also like how he’s changed a bit since getting together with Robbie. He’s more relaxed and not so buttoned up in his emotions and his dress and it’s made the character even hotter than he already was.

I’m still not feeling the murder mystery and the crime element of the story. It’s just not all that interesting, mostly because we already know Sean did it. It’s just a matter of time before they nail the guy. Besides, it’s hard for me to buy that this newcomer could stir up all this trouble without getting a lot more attention than he has. And the show still seems to have forgotten about the gay bashing storyline that brought Will and Robbie together. It’s awfully lazy of the show to have just dropped that and I’m not going to let it go until we get some kind of closure to that story.


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