Langford on Soaps: Chris Gets and Then Loses a Boyfriend On “Neighbors”

Plus, Joshca’s feelings for Deniz grow on All That Matters, Wyatt and Jeffery bond on The Haves and the Have Nots, the return of Aussie drama Winners and Losers and Will tries to rescue a kidnapped child on River City.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

All That Matters (Germany)

I’m glad to watch this show again, just so I can get my fill of the character Ben, or rather the totally hot actor who plays him. Ben is a jerk, always has been and I hate that he’s treated Bea so badly after he cheated on her with Katja. I was glad that Bea finally got clued into what Ben did by seeing that picture of his tryst. Speaking of that picture, or rather the person who planted it, I could do without the excessive smarm of Can’s character. It really takes away from what could be a fun, charming, doofus of a guy and turns him into an unlikeable pig.

So here comes the inevitable ‘romance’ between Joscha and Melanie. Darn it. Joscha is determined to hide that he’s gay and Melanie is interested. Seems like a doomed relationship is bound to happen. Let’s just hope it doesn’t drag out too long. In fact, I’d like to skip over this coming out nonsense and get to what happens after. No such luck though.

It was great to have Deniz refer to Roman as his one great love and that they’d still be together if Roman hadn’t died. Of course, we’ll have to forget that Roman had broken up with Deniz and was sleeping with someone else not too long before Roman’s demise, shall we? But it was funny how Joscha looked at Deniz totally different after learning Deniz was bisexual, like checking him out in the shower. And like rushing into joining that broken-down soccer club, he’ll get involved with Melanie to run from those feelings, I bet. I just wonder if Deniz will ever return Joscha’s feelings or will he just help him out the closet. Not sure about that. We’ll see.

Have and The Have Nots (U.S.)

I’ll just have to accept that this show has a serious problem with pacing they are not going to fix. They’ll just drop a story for an episode or two and fill it with pretty much dead air so they don’t have to move forward with anything. For example, last week, David seemingly ordered Candace’s demise. In fact, I thought he told his henchman to take care of it ‘today’. But David wasn’t even in this week’s show, nor was there any mention made or suspense drawn from this major plot point. Instead the show spent most of the hour showing Wyatt, Jeffery and Amanda trying to lure Candace out of the bathroom while she giggled at them. Ugh.

I can’t believe anybody bought Candace’s story, especially Wyatt. He said he had checked her out, so wouldn’t he know her story was bogus? They didn’t need for Jeffery and Wyatt to stumble across Candace’s escort website to figure her out. BTW, could Wyatt really be surfing for porn at the facility? Wouldn’t they have internet access monitored?

But back to Candace, I am curious that Amanda did say she’d heard Candace crying herself to sleep at times over her alleged past. What was that about since we know she lied about it? Was she crying about something, but not what she told Amanda and the guys? Maybe over her nearly being beaten and killed or the baby she’s not raising? Hmmm….

I did think it was funny how Veronica tried to get Kathryn to tell her what everybody knows about Jeffery—that he’s gay, but Kathryn refused to be the one to break the very obvious information to her. But I guess Veronica isn’t the only one with her head in the sand. Jeffery can’t deal with the truth either and it’s clear his friends know but won’t say anything as well. Candace’s way of handling the situation with Jeffery wasn’t exactly subtle (but that’s something Candace is not), but I did like Candace telling Jeffery that you only get one life and he needs to live it for himself. He didn’t want to hear it, but she’s right.

And it seems to me that they are headed for something between Wyatt and Jeffery. Jeffery is clearly in love with Wyatt, but I’m not sure if it’ll be a real romance or something Wyatt uses to his own advantage. But I think they’re going somewhere.

It was interesting to find out that Celine and Jim had an affair to the point that he was in love with her and wanted her to leave her husband. However, I don’t quite buy it, and I can’t imagine where it’s going. But to be honest, let’s hope nowhere. Celine is a character that the less I see of the better.

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