Langford on Soaps: Christian and Ollie are Reunited on “Forbidden Love”


Plus, Brad might be a baby daddy on General Hospital, the season finale of Haves and Haves Nots, Secret Lives returns and German soap Among Us goes gay. Also, the latest on People of the Valley, Hollyoaks, All That Matters, Days of Our Livesand more!

Langford’s Picks and Pans

Secret Lives (Finland)

The new season of Secret Lives picks up where we left off, with Lari having come out to his father and the fallout from that. I’m very glad that instead of another round of Lari dating some girl while Elias looked sad, Lari was honest with his father. Of course his father’s reaction was very predictable — much like this entire storyline has been — with his refusal to accept it and making the same old homophobic statements we’ve seen so many times before in these stories.

Lari’s dad figures getting rid of Elias will make Lari not gay anymore…

And I was afraid that Elias would get beaten up by Lari’s dad for ‘turning’ his son gay. Thankfully the show didn’t go there as they’ve already done the gay bashing thing. At least Elias stood up to the man and didn’t back down from him. Hopefully, we’ll move past this arc of the story sooner rather than later, though I suspect eventually Lari will wind up living with Elias, at least for awhile as the story plays out. But hopefully this season Lari and Elias have some drama that isn’t about coming out after this very long, very slow moving storyline.

*Thanks to MISSFINLANDIA88 for the clips!

Forbidden Love (Germany)

I had a few people give me heat because I didn’t even mention that Christian was returning to the show in last week’s column. Well, perhaps I should have, but Forbidden Love has fallen so far off my radar that I simply forgot. It happens with a show that just isn’t very good. I mean, even before Christian left last year, FL wasn’t really writing for Christian and Olli. All they got for story was to support their friends and occasionally a short term and usually awful storyline. Remember their sudden obsession with parenting and the story about them fostering that little African girl? Yeah, I remember it too, and the memories aren’t good ones.

When actor Thore Schölermann (Christian) exited the show last year leaving behind Jo Weil (Olli), I wondered why the show simply didn’t give Christian a permanent exit since there was no timeframe for when he’d return. The writers should have ended the marriage and given Olli new story and new romances. I realize that there are a certain group of fans who’d rather see both characters written out to give them a happy ending off screen or the show perform any sort of story contortions that would keep the couple together no matter what, even if it left Olli, in this case, with an off screen husband and no life of his own. But I have never understood that line of thinking. However I’m not a couples person who only cares about my particular soap agenda.

Anyway, with Christian back, I had to see what the show was going to do with this couple. After all, it was the Christian and Olli pairing that brought the show international attention. With Christian returning only briefly, what would long suffering Chrolli fans get?

Even though Thore Schölermann can’t dance a lick, the strip tease was pretty hot and a lot of fun. But Christian’s mentioning that he’d come back for his and Olli’s anniversary made me realize they’d spent most of their marriage apart rather than together. Or at least it seems like it. As for Christian’s announcement, I think it’s ridiculous that anyone would take a job that would keep him away for a year without at least discussing it with your partner first. And his comments that Olli is fine with his friends and a baby living in the house just reeked of assholery. What did he think Olli could say? At least Dana made him realize what a jerk he was being.

I hated the dumb plot device about Olli thinking Christian had been seriously hurt because it was only done so Olli would give Christian permission to be a jerk and doesn’t change the core problem in their marriage. And Christian’s demonstration that ‘the only thing separating us is water’ was not romantic, but stupid. It just ‘solves’ a problem without really examining it. But I will say that I can’t believe Olli would just leave the hospital not knowing whether his husband was alive or dead. But hey, this mess is chock full of hard to believe behavior.

As for the show hinting that Christian cheated on Olli while he was in England, that was no surprise. A man who has cheated on you before will do it again and again if you let him. Finally, did they redo No Limits? It’s nice. And a lot bigger than it used to be. Oh and Andi is still hot. And still an idiot.

*Thanks to CHROLLIANNE for the clips!

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