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My Husbands Lover (The Philippines)

Well, I guess Vincent won’t be coming out anytime soon. Soaps have always used parties and family gatherings for major events and shocking surprises and MHL was no different in the subbed episodes posted last week. Not only did the events of the party introduce a new element into the overall drama, but it pushed the story into a new arc with Lally realizing that Vincent couldn’t come out to his family, at least not now. Zandro’s backstory, combined with the insight into Vincent’s childhood as well was sad and heartbreaking. It was difficult to watch Zandro being so brutally beaten, and the show made it even more powerful by having Vincent imagine he was one being brutalized by his father.

And I loved that the show covered all the emotional beats by having Lally think about herself in this situation and the feeling that in keeping Vincent’s secret, she was trapping herself into this relationship and how that was increasingly unfair to her. To be honest, as much as I sympathize with Vincent, he’s a grown man and I’m getting a little annoyed with this always weeping, spineless man who keeps hurting everyone around him because of his own issues. Lally continues to get the most sympathy from me. She’s trapped in a situation she did not create and is finding it hard to break out of. Vincent might love her, but he’s made it clear that she’s more of a friend than anything else. I hope out of all this, when all is said and done, she finds her own happiness.

As for the rest of the week, I literally screamed at the TV at one point because MHL actually surprised me with the reveal that Vincent bought Eric’s condo. Maybe I should have seen the twist coming, but I didn’t. It’s a great plot point and I can’t wait to see how it plays out. The only problem with it was that the show chose to reveal it in a promo rather than in the episode itself. That was disappointing on a show that usually keeps its twists well hidden. The story is too good and too compelling. They don’t need to drop their best twists in the promos to keep us watching.

And please show, no more suicide attempts. That’s the third time Eric has tried to kill himself, and I’m tired of that plot point. I want Eric to be stronger than this and I hope he will be going forward. I did like the way the show handled it, with Eric hearing his mother calling him and that was what made him throw up the pills. And it was even better when she phoned saying she’d had a nightmare about him and needed to hear his voice and he realized she had saved his life in a way. I love the relationship between Eric and his mother. It’s one of my favorite things about the show. But again, no more trying to kill yourself, Eric. No relationship is worth your life. None.

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All That Matters (Germany)

I know that folks were squeeing all over themselves with Joscha and Deniz’s ‘kiss’, but I thought it was more weird and creepy than hot. I dunno, Joscha’s pining over Deniz never made much sense to me cause I’m not sure why Joscha is so into Deniz, other than he’s cute. But I like Deniz’ belief that Joscha isn’t into him per se, but just needs someone he feels he can connect with as he struggles to come out. That makes sense. And it also tells me that it’s doubtful that Deniz and Joscha will never be anything than friends. That’s fine with me as long as Joscha eventually gets his love story.

I did like Deniz telling Joscha that he understood why Joscha remains closeted by relating what happened to him and Roman back in the day. That nod to history is necessary in this story. Still, I’m ready for Joscha to come out. His treatment of Melanie and now of Katja really makes the character more and more unlikeable to me. On the other hand, it was nice to see Ben, especially since he had his shirt off.

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

Hollyoaks, stop trying to force George and Vincent. They don’t work. They have no business being together. They have absolutely no chemistry and have nothing in common. As a couple they are extremely awkward and so forced. Now the thing is, I like them as individual characters. I’ve liked George for awhile now and Vincent’s plight of having to leave his country because he is gay is a compelling and very real one. Vincent being upset at missing his family and all the milestones in their lives was a heartbreaking scene. But why can’t he and George just be close friends? That I could believe. The show gives us very well acted and well written scenes like George tearfully telling Vincent he should embrace and love who he is, but ruins it with the spectre of a romantic relationship between them.

The show is making two likeable, appealing characters and two talented actors unwatchable by putting them in a love story that shouldn’t be happening. And I really hate that they keep lying to Phoebe. I can understand Vincent doing it because he doesn’t have history with Phoebe, but George does. It’s unacceptable and out of character that he would lie to her like this after they’ve been through hell and back together. I just don’t buy it. And I wonder where things will go now that Vincent is looking into an organization that he hopes can cure him. Somehow I have the feeling that isn’t going to go well.

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