Langford on Soaps: Danny Miller Returns as Aaron on “Emmerdale”


Plus, John Partridge returns to EastEnders, a peek at the second season of A Place to Call Home and James Sutton takes a break from Hollyoaks.

Langford on Soaps

All That Matters (Germany)


Now that Joscha and Raquel’s marriage has been revealed to be a sham, the immigration office decrees that Raquel must go back to Cuba in a month. However, Raquel realizes that if she joins the dance troupe she can stay in Germany on a student visa. Meanwhile, Joscha struggles with returning to the soccer field in the wake of his attack. And Kai gets bad news about his mother’s health.

How convenient that Raquel suddenly has all this skill as a dancer so she can get a student visa and stay in Essen…. Why didn’t she do this before instead of entering a sham marriage?

I figured Can would get over finding out Joscha was gay very quickly. It didn’t bother him that Joscha was gay, but that Joscha didn’t tell him because they were supposed to be close pals. I like how they are joking and teasing each other just like before.

Its sweet how since coming out, Joscha and Kai’s relationship has changed. They’ve grown closer and more intimate with each other in ways they weren’t before. The show has done a good job of showing that difference. I loved the scene where they flirted and made out in the examination room.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

I have a few thoughts about the wedding itself, but I want to start with the lame-ass bachelor party. Not only was it boring I found it offensive that the show ‘accidentally’ had a female stripper show up. I know it was supposed to be ‘funny’, but it wasn’t—not even remotely.

Would a male stripper show up if a straight guy were getting married? I don’t think so. And don’t they usually have separate parties for the engaged couple?

I know we are supposed to have the impression those two guys with T were Sonny’s gay pals we met a year ago, but I think they were played by different actors this time and neither of them were at the wedding. Nor did Sonny interact with either of them. Major fail, Days.

Oh well, Will seemed to enjoy the party….

And why couldn’t ANY of Sonny’s brothers be there? The show didn’t even bother to explain why, making matters worse.

Also lame? That attempt at faux drama by having Gabi believe Sonny was plotting ‘to take care of Nick’. The real shame is that Sonny wasn’t actually taking action to get rid of an enemy. Please give this dull character some teeth!

And I found the following scenes too nauseating to watch with Gabi and Sonny slobbering all over each other. I literally said ‘this is such BS’. I know the show wants us to believe that Gabi and Sonny are really, truly friends, but they’ve mostly just tolerated each other. This is an example, to me, of the show trying too hard.

JJ referred to Will and Sonny as friends, but did the show forget that they are actually cousins? I did like JJ saying that their own children will probably wonder why two gay men getting married was a big deal.

That stuff between Victor and Herb was stupid and unnecessary. At this point in the story, we really don’t need this PSA stuff. It was so awkward and ham-handed.

Gabi saying she’d be late for her own funeral made me think that the character is going to be killed off when Camila Banus leaves. We know that the baby is going to be left with Will and Sonny so I think the odds are high Gabi is going to die.

I loved Gabi’s dress, what there was of it. It worked for her. Not sure if it was appropriate for a wedding though.

Eric and Will’s scene was really cute, but I couldn’t help but think how little Eric and Will have interacted, before and after the recast. I felt the same about JJ being part of the wedding. Yes, he should be there, but he and Sonny and Will have only had a handful of scenes for most of JJ’s time on the show.

Will’s letter to Sonny was really sweet (interesting how Will mentioned his involvement with EJ) and Sonny holding it up to his heart was a nice touch.

I know what Caroline was trying to do with the story about her friends, but it just seemed… weird.

Can we retire that Brokeback Mountain-ish theme for Will and Sonny and replace it with the song JJ played at the reception?

Overall, the wedding was really nice and kudos to Days for going all out and giving a real soap wedding with all the trimmings for their gay couple. It was devoid of any wedding drama, save some silly manufactured moments, but I guess that’s okay for one day. The question is what happens now? Does the show keep them as the perfect couple playing support to everyone else’s drama or do they actually get a storyline? Fingers crossed that we finally see the latter.

*Thanks to MRFIXIT for the clips!

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