Langford on Soaps: Danny Miller To Leave “Emmerdale”


Holby City

It’s really hard to like Dan, much less have sympathy for him or even care about his coming out issues.
He continues to be an unethical doctor and put lives at risk, all in the name of keeping his sexuality a secret. I thought that Stephen was far too understanding and forgiving about what Dan did. Dan certainly didn’t deserve Stephen’s kindness.

On the other hand, Stephen and Dan do have a nice chemistry and it’s pretty obvious that Dan is attracted to him, despite his denials. I just hope that this is resolved and Dan comes out before Dan and Chrissie get married. It would be nice if Dan did it on his own and wasn’t forced into it.

Gay or straight, Dan’s a jerk.

As for the show’s other gay character, when are they going to give something for Malick to do other than obsess about his career? It would be nice to get a glimpse of his romantic life as he’s been on the show for nearly a year now. Malick thinks he’s God’s gift to gay men. Surely a guy like that would go on the occasional date or two, don’t you think?

Good Times, Bad Times

I really loved this past week’s Good Times, Bad Times because the show is giving us an old school love triangle, only with three men, which is refreshing. What makes this storyline even better is that none of the guys in question are bad or evil or scheming. They are all decent guys caught up in a messy romantic situation, unusual in a genre and on a soap where someone almost always has to be the bad guy.

I think my favorite scene was the one between Edwin and Ron at Edwin’s house that showed how emotionally complex this storyline is. Edwin and Ron both have feelings they don’t want, but it’s becoming more difficult to deny. It also helps that the two men have a really nice chemistry that makes you want them to explore the possibilities.

I also liked the scene between Edwin and Nina where Nina insisted that there was no way that his and Ron’s kiss was meaningless. She’s right in that Edwin would have never let it happen unless it did mean something. It also seems to me that while Edwin loves Lucas he is also hiding in that relationship, so he doesn’t have to face what’s going on with Ron, which adds another layer to the storyline. The acting by Ferry Doedens, Raynor Arkenbout and Kevin Hassing is quite good and the writing has depth not often seen on this show.

However, I do have some gripes. Why is the story moving so fast? They really need to slow things down and not careen from plot point to plot point. It literally took Lucas one episode to deduce that there was something going with Edwin and Ron, and a couple of episodes later he knew about the kiss. Why not drag it out a little, build up some suspense, let us see more of Edwin’s struggle?

Moreover, not only are the emotionally angsty scenes with Edwin and Ron great drama, but so are the warm and romantic moments with Edwin and Lucas. Why not play these scenes out for awhile and build up the emotional turmoil for all parties?

I also take issue with how Lucas found out about Ron and Edwin. Not only was it not Nina’s place to be the one to tell Lucas, it made no sense to me that Edwin would leave Nina and Lucas alone, knowing that Nina was burning to tell Lucas everything? That felt really contrived. Obviously the show wanted Lucas to find out from someone other than Edwin, but they could have found another, more plausible way to do it.

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