Langford on Soaps: Will is Shot and Sonny Delivers Baby on “Days”!

Plus, Ste plots to take over Brendan’s club on Hollyoaks, what’s ahead for NeighboursChris and romance blossoms between Seth and Henry on Shortland Street.


House Husbands (Australia)

To be fair, none of this is badly written. And there’s a lot of good acting and nice performances here. But I didn’t find any of this interesting. It was actually kind of predictable and boring to me. You knew from the moment that Finn came to stay with Tom and Kane that he’d be living permanently with them. But I guess, for me, the problem is that there’s not much drama revolving around it. And whatever wee bit of drama was pretty much resolved in this episode. I think what Tom and Kane really need is something to shake things up, perhaps a relationship crisis, which the show has never done. I don’t think adding another kid to their family, especially one who just fit into their home so easily and quickly, is the recipe for compelling drama.

Shortland Street (New Zealand)

When I don’t cover a certain show and people ask me why, I simply would like to point to episodes like this as to reasons to avoid a soap, even if it has gay characters. This has gone from dull soap to just plain bad. On one hand, the show finally remembered that Seth and Henry used to be lovers (which is actually unbelievable as they seem totally incompatible) by having Seth blackmail Henry into a date. But on the other, we have this horrid plot arc about more boring hospital intrigue and minutia. And am I the only one who found the stereotyping of Zlata to be a bit offensive? I was shocked she didn’t start ranting about ‘Moose and Squirrel’. But it’s no more annoying that Henry’s endless kowtowing to Rachel, for whom he’s worked for about a minute and she’s never shown him any loyalty. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to see Henry’s boring-ass roommates this week.

Neighbours (Australia)

Well, I hate to say it, but it looks more and more like Chris is going to become gay in name only. Or at least have relationships that we only hear about and never really see. That became apparent when after meeting the very cute customer at the garage, we only heard about Chris later going on a date with him. And it’s unlikely we’ll ever see anything develop as the focus of the story is Amber’s crush on Chris and not Chris’ trying to get a new beau after his and Aidan’s break up. I’ve said before that with the new direction of the show and all the new characters it didn’t seem like Chris would have any romance in his life. And sadly, the show is proving me right.

Chris’ new beau is beautiful… too bad he’s probably history…

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