Langford on Soaps: Emmet Scanlan Gives “Hollyoaks” Departure Date


Secret Lives

Now that was a nice little cliffhanger to end things on. I liked last week’s clips, mostly because it’s moving the story forward and getting Lari closer to being out of the closet. Something tells me those pictures are going to end up on a billboard or something for everyone to see. I’m not down with outing, but I totally get why Tale would take revenge on Lari and I can’t say Lari doesn’t have it coming. You can’t run around bullying people and not have it come back to bite you. I thought the scenes of Lari and Elias together were cute, especially in the photo booth. Still I find the acting on this show by the show’s younger cast to be awkward and stilted. They clearly don’t have much experience and it shows.


Yuck. So murdering his father puts Brendan in the mood for sex? And Ste just drops trou without a second thought? I guess so when you have nothing better to do other than wait on Brendan 24/7. But I did think it was funny that Brendan whispered to Ste what he wanted, especially since they were alone in the club. As for Seamus’ return from the dead, I bet he knows that Brendan tried to kill him and it’s only a matter of time before he takes his revenge. Those scenes between Brendan and Seamus are terrific, full of tension and menace. I can’t wait until everything is out in the open between them and they have a final showdown. I actually like the war between Seamus and Brendan. Brendan is at his best when he has an enemy to match wits with. If only Ste weren’t part of the story. He’s just become an irritant to me.

I laughed when Ste said that he wasn’t stupid because the fact that he’s back with Brendan shows what an idiot he is. He should have never believed that Brendan had changed and after learning that Brendan tried to murder his father, Ste actually says ‘I thought you changed’. Well, except for punching me a couple of weeks ago and nearly hitting me again last week. But that’s all water under the bridge. As much as it was not a shock that Ste stayed with Brendan after learning about Brendan’s latest crime, it’s silly for Ste to tell Brendan that ‘something like this can never happen again or it’s over’ because we all know that isn’t the case. When a man has broken your ribs and given you more than one beat down and you still go back to him, your threats to leave are meaningless.

One thing I’m glad about is that the result of this storyline was Joel and Bart leaving town for good. I have never liked Joel. He was an ill-conceived, pointless character from the start. The show should have never brought him on as Warren’s son, especially with Warren leaving the show. I guess they had planned to make him a nemesis for Brendan, but the actor simply didn’t have what it took to go up against someone with the caliber of Emmett Scanlan. Moreover, Joel was always kind of wimpy and failed at every attempt to be a bad ass. And I hated the show’s effort to make Brendan a surrogate father to Joel. It never rang true, mostly because Brendan would never do such a thing. It was completely out of character. Joel should have been a gnat that Brendan squashed months ago. Goodbye and good riddance.

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