Langford on Soaps: From First Kiss To Final Breakup for Chris and Aiden on Neighbours?


Dangerous Relationships

There’s not much to say here as there was really no movement in the Alejandro/Diego storyline. In fact, they didn’t have any scenes together last week other than Alejandro flashing back to the kiss that we didn’t see. But we did get to see lots of Diego kissing his girlfriend and bragging about his sexual prowess. Thanks, show! Now, obviously Diego was overcompensating because of Alejandro’s revealing the kiss to Nora, but it’s still not clear whether Diego remembers it. But what is clear is that Hector does at least suspect that Diego might be gay. His surprise and relief that his son had a girlfriend was quite telling.

Let’s hope Nora doesn’t count on Diego always being there for her…

So now I’m left to wonder where the situation with Nora finding out that she is an illegal alien is going to go. The logical and ‘soapy’ conclusion would be that she marries Diego to get her green card while Diego goes through with it to avoid his feelings for Alejandro. Later, the marriage will stand in the way of his acting on his gay desires. If he does so and the marriage is revealed to be a sham then it risks Nora’s green card and she could be deported. But, this is all speculation on my part. We’ll see, I suppose.

By the way, a lot of people were unhappy with the scenes of Alejandro ‘coming out’ to his family. Basically, his family told him they knew he was gay and simply said ‘we love you and it doesn’t matter’ and there were hugs all around. No drama, no shouting, no tears of sorrow. I guess we’re so used to coming out scenes being full of conflict that we don’t realize that for some, it’s a simple as that. Sometimes, a family simply accepts it, loves you and life moves on. And I think it’s important to see that. Besides, there will be plenty of drama in Diego’s coming out so there’s no need for it to be the same for Alejandro.

Coronation Street

I really wonder about the appeal of Sean Tully. He’s been on this show forever, even if only in a supporting role, but he seems beloved by the UK viewers and the powers that be on the show. But to me, he’s always been an appalling, unlikeable character and I can’t fathom why he has any friends or why any man would want to be his lover. That’s why I can’t fathom his relationship with poor Marcus. Marcus is such a sweet guy and Sean treats him so shabbily because of his selfishness and manipulations. Their relationship is so one sided as Marcus constantly capitulates to Sean in everything. And he seems to get very little in return.

Sean’s pouting and whining over Marcus spending some time with Liam and Maria was particularly distasteful, and I can’t believe that Marcus didn’t see through Sean suddenly deciding to have Dylan visit for the week as a way to get Marcus back on the home front again. Sean didn’t show any interest in having the boy visit until he knew he could benefit from it. Yuck.

I do think that eventually Sean is not going to be able to control Marcus’ growing desire to be a father. In life, I don’t think that’s something that ever goes away. And I don’t think anyone should give up something so important for the sake of a relationship. I suspect that eventually Maria is going to offer to be a surrogate for Marcus and Sean is going to have to either accept it or move on. If Marcus is lucky, Sean will end it because Marcus is certainly better off without him. But more likely Sean will begrudgingly go along with it and whine about it constantly when he’s not trying to sabotage the situation. Yay! So much to look forward to!



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