Langford on Soaps: Guarav Comes Out… And Gets Kidnapped on “Maryada!”



Things were
certainly exciting last week with Guarav being kidnapped and the family’s
desperate search to find him.
I did enjoy the episode, but the most notable thing to me
was how Guarav fought with his kidnapper for about ten minutes while his family
searched the warehouse to find them! Ah well, only in soaps. And I am finding
the mess with Vidya and Chinu to be
interesting, with everyone so against Chinu
spending time with the married Vidya, unaware of course that Guarav is
encouraging the relationship so his wife can find happiness with a man who is
not gay.

Not a good week for Guarav….

However, Vidya
doesn’t seem all that interested in Chinu and is more concerned with Gaurav
being happy, even if that happiness is with a man.
I think that even if she and
Chinu do wind up together, he’ll be second best and she’ll always be in love
with Guarav. Women never seem to forget the first gay guy they fell in love
with, I guess. BTW, I think this might be the first episode that I caught a
glimpse of Guarav’s super hot brother, Adi.
I hope it won’t be the last!


Forbidden Love

Christian and Olli can be dizzying since these two constantly dither back and
forth over their relationship.
I still think a long break is needed between these two
because there’s just too much ugliness and betrayal to jump right back into
their marriage without examining why things got so messed up.

But I suspect a quick reunion is exactly what’s going to
happen once they get past the latest roadblock of Rafael‘s return to the scene. It’s just funny that Rafael came all
the way from Mallorca to get Olli back months
after their very brief fling on the island. If I recall correctly, it was
Rafael who blew Olli off and Olli came back home upset about being dumped. So
this really makes no sense. Any plot device in a storm, huh?

Is Olli ready for a new

And I don’t
care how many times the show tries to convince me otherwise, Jessica sticks out
like a sore thumb.
commiserating with Andi, Olli and
Christian, over their love lives which were ruined because of her is just mind boggling. I keep
wondering if the writers really believe we think such relationships between
this group are realistic. I realize it’s a soap and we often suspend disbelief,
but this is a bit much if you ask me.


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