Langford on Soaps: Has “General Hospital” Gone Too Far?


Plus our first looks at Argentine telenovela Farsantes and Aussie period piece A Place To Call Home, the season returns of Dance Academy and Winners and Losers. Also, Danny Pennant returns to EastEnders and Iolo is desperate to help Gethin on People of the Valley

Langford’s Picks and Pans

EastEnders (U.K.)

Is he or isn’t he? I guess that’s the game we’re going to be playing in the coming weeks as the show teases whether Danny is straight or gay. My guess is that Danny is bisexual. He did sleep with Syed after all and (at the time) it seemed to be more about business. And knowing this show as I do, I suspect before long he’ll be involved in a romantic triangle with both sexes. I like Danny, I like that he’s a bad boy. Gary Lucy is a terrific actor and I’m looking forward to seeing where the show takes his character.

Frankly, though I’ve never cared for this show’s writing and if there’s going to be a flaw in this story, it’s that. BTW, I think the Michael Moon character is just strange. I don’t know if it’s the acting or the writing, but I really found him to be overly affected and quirky. And not in a good way.

Shortland Street (New Zealand)

Well, we knew it wouldn’t end well for Seth or Henry. I still don’t believe that Seth would be so stupid about leaving that flash drive around or go into a total panic when it turned up missing. I wonder though if this is the last we’ll see of them or if we’ll get some resolution to their story. I don’t know. It all seemed kind of final to me, especially since much of the fallout happened off screen and we only heard about it. That’s okay if that’s the case. This wasn’t a very good show, and I’m cool with never having to watch it again.

Farsantes (Argentina)

I don’t have a lot to say because this is the set up for the series and not much happens. But it’s obvious that Guillermo is attracted to Pedro, even though he has been married for a long time. It seems as if some people, including his wife, know that Guillermo is gay. I’m not sure if Pedro is closeted or hasn’t realized his sexuality yet. But, it’s the early days so I guess there is much to be revealed. It’s an interesting show in that two of the leads are gay and that one of the potential partners is much older than the other. You don’t see that often and certainly often enough. I hope we get more subbed clips of this show. I’d like to keep following it. And we’ll present them here as they appear. If some Spanish speakers could help me if I got some details wrong that would be great.
All That Matters (Germany)

I’m sorry, but a lot of this didn’t make sense to me. I guess I don’t know a lot about how the liquor industry works, especially in Essen, but don’t you make money when you supply your product to bars and they sell it? So the beer company taking their tap out of the bar makes no sense because they are not only hurting the bar, but hurting themselves even more. Besides, who only sells one kind of beer? I have never seen any bar that didn’t have a number of suppliers. Why not just go to someone else? Or is it different in Germany? Maybe that’s where I’m missing something.

Or of course, this was all a totally silly and convoluted way to get Joscha and Melanie out on a date when there are much simpler and more believable ways to accomplish the same thing. Because this was just ridiculous.

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