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Wow. I did not see that coming, I literally screamed during the shocking cliffhanger moment from this past week’s episode. I can’t even imagine where this story is going next after that one. As I’ve said before, this storyline continues to be absolutely terrific and consistently entertaining and engaging. Yes, it’s your typical coming out drama, but the show gives us interesting twists and turns, some wonderful performances and fantastic writing to make this one of the best gay sagas currently running. There were a lot of nice moments I loved in this clip, but I first want to address something from last week’s episode since there was no column last week.

It was nice to see Kal and Tariq together again. Not because I want them to reunite, I’ve made it clear that would be unacceptable to me because of the violence of their past relationship. But it was nice to see Kal get the closure he needed from seeing Tariq again. It was obvious that’s what he needed to move on with his life. The acting by Andra Fuller and Benjamin Charles Watson was stellar as always.

It’s a shame Kal was unable to come out to his father, but what it made the character do in response — the steps he took towards growth and maturity — was really well written. I was also delighted to see Kal and Chris give things another go. They have such chemistry and really balance each other out. I enjoy seeing Kal lean on Chris as their bond grows stronger. I’m sure some soapy drama will give them plenty of problems, but I hope they stick it out for awhile. And I’m so glad they finally divested Donna from this storyline. The way she found out about Kal and Chris was very real and perfectly acted and written.

And the scene where Kal’s bodyguard admitted that he knew Kal was gay and had always known was probably one of my favorite moments because it rang true — the plot arc about the sex tape not withstanding. Wonderful scene among many wonderful scenes.


It’s too bad that this is Syed and Christian’s final storyline (as the actors are leaving the show) because this proves that when given something to do, this is a couple that can be entertaining and watchable. I enjoyed these scenes, especially Zainab and Christian’s squabbling over the wedding. It’s so nice to see how all of these characters have grown and matured after everything that has happened between them over the past few years.

It took a long time for Zainab to finally accept that Syed was gay and in love with Christian, but you knew once she did, she’d be the overbearing mother she always has been, though in support of her son’s relationship. John Partridge and Nadia Wadia have always worked well together, whether their charactery hated each other or loved each other, and these scenes are an example of that.

The beginning of this final story has been well done so far and I’m looking forward to seeing it play out. The addition of Masood’s sleazy brother is a nice touch. He’s a unique addition to the family.


As much as I’m enjoying Neighbours lately, I really wish that they wouldn’t play Aiden as such a dupe. It’s hard for me to buy that Aiden would risk his career for Andrew. Yes, Andrew is a friend of Chris’ but while Aiden barely knows Andrew, he does know Andrew is a liar who can’t be trusted. Why Aiden would believe Andrew would actually follow through with any of his promises is beyond me. Aiden is supposed to be smarter than that. I hated seeing Andrew turn things around and blackmail Aiden into getting what he wanted when things didn’t go his way. I agree that Aiden should be on Chris’ side, even if he and Chris aren’t a couple anymore. Chris has every reason to be upset with Aiden.

I’m glad that someone is finally bringing up the details of what happened the night of the accident, but since Toadie is Chris’ lawyer, shouldn’t he be questioning the witnesses and getting their statements? It’s not up to Chris to ask his friends to testify, Toadie should be taking care of that and getting the details of what went down. Even moreso, why hasn’t Chris explained to Toadie everything that happened? If he has, he hasn’t done it on screen. Because if Toadie fully knew about Andrew’s role in the accident, he would have already gone to Paul to force him to drop the lawsuit or have Andrew’s fraudulent behavior revealed in open court. I realize that will be the end result, but the writing is so sloppy because these glaring details would have and should have already been discussed. I know this is being done for dramatic purposes, but it just makes the plot holes glaringly obvious.

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