Langford on Soaps: Has “My Husband’s Lover” Jumped the Shark?


Plus, my choices for the 10 greatest gay TV characters, news about the upcoming gay on General Hospital and 6Degrees near perfect season finale.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

It’s a shame that Will and Sonny don’t have much of a story unless they are policing Gabi’s bedroom. It’s hard to believe that they’ve done so little since the baby was born. Then again, they’ve never really actually had a story that was about them. I still think, as I’ve long said, that it was a big mistake to stick them with a baby and settle into a long term relationship because they’re just so damned dull to watch. Of course part of the problem is that they’re both just so ‘nice’ and ‘good’.

Will hasn’t been interesting since he worked for EJ (though that scandalous sexual chemistry between Will and EJ was the real attention-getter) and Sonny has been dull pretty much since he started, shameful because the actor is capable of being more than everybody’s caregiver. As I recently said, given Will’s background and his parents, he should be busy scheming and screwing and not playing happy families. And Sonny should at Victor’s side, learning ruthless business doings from someone who has been doing it all his life. I dare say if these boys were straight, they’d be written with a lot more complexity.

On the other hand, the show is using one of its other legacy young characters, J.J. to great effect. The reveal of J.J. finding out his father was a rapist has been well written. It’s perfect the show is using flashbacks of the event since so many of the actors involved are still on the canvas.

And Casey Moss has shown himself, in a very short time, to be this show’s best young actor as he is more than capable of handling this strong material. However, the story does have one big flaw that makes it hard for me to really enjoy it. Jack should be here as part of the story, dealing with what his son is going through and having to face his dark past.

I hated that the show killed off Jack (again) and the fact that the show is telling a story that he should be front and center for makes it even more of a travesty. Matthew Ashford could certainly handle the material. It’s the viewers’ loss that he wasn’t given the chance.

As for what went down last week, it is strange that there’s all this drama about Jack being a rapist when Sami is marrying hers. But that’s soaps for ya. It was nice to see Marlena and Will talk since they used to be nearly inseparable, but I still don’t believe for one minute that she and John would be broken up over what happened over the summer, not to mention that he would pretty much abandon his marriage and his family. I believe that as much as Bo being gone for all this time. The show really needs to address those glaring situations. And frankly, for someone so concerned about her child, Marge isn’t being a very good mother. He’s already lost a father, now he’s going to lose his mom too. I just wonder if anybody is going to adopt that kid. Sami doesn’t need any more kids, so let’s hope not.

BTW, that nightclub is still the lamest nightclub ever. And Sonny’s bowtie totally didn’t work for me. He’s in his 20’s, not his 40’s. And both Gabi and Abigail’s outfits were for women about 10 years older than them, though Gabi’s was a bit better. Come on, these are young, sexy, beautiful women. They should be dressing like it.

It looks like Chad is gonna take a bullet and this is how he’ll be written out. So is it a coma or is it death? Personally, they should just kill Chad off. I’ve never warmed to the character and most of his stories have been boring. And the actor’s best work has been with his shirt off. And I think the show paired him with poor love interests. He had the most chemistry with Will and Sonny, more that Abby, Gabi or Mel put together. And that would have been a kick ass triangle.

All That Matters (Germany)

A quick recap of last week’s shows:

Melanie went to the press and did an interview hinting that her relationship with Joscha ended because he was gay. Meanwhile, Raquel was upset because Ingo refused to marry her, meaning she’d have to go back to Cuba in a couple of weeks. Later, Raquel and Joscha met and became fast friends. But Joscha got angry when she told Joscha he reminded her of her gay brother back home. He told Raquel she was wrong and that he was straight, but Raquel wasn’t buying it. When Joscha was harassed by some homophobes who’d read the article, Raquel came to his rescue. Joscha admitted he was gay, but couldn’t come out because it would hurt his career. That gave Raquel an idea and she proposed they get married.

It was obvious from the minute that Raquel and Joscha met that they would get married. As much as I’m ready for Joscha to come out and get a boyfriend, I actually like Raquel and I think she and Joscha have chemistry. Not the romantic kind, I just think they’d wonderful friends. She loosens Joscha up and he needs that. Besides, she knows he’s gay and there’s no pretending or her falling in love with him or some such silliness. So while I’m sure Joscha will say no at first, I have no doubt they will tie the knot in a few weeks. I also think that this will lead to Joscha meeting the guy he’ll fall in love with.

I bet that eventually Raquel’s brother shows up in Essen and he and Joscha will fall in love. And Ingo and Raquel will fall for each other. Since Raquel made a point of saying that gays can get married in Germany, maybe Ingo will marry Raquel’s brother so he can stay in country. It’s a crazy idea to be sure, but I could see this show doing it.

As for the rest of the week’s developments, I was annoyed with Melanie trashing Joscha in the press, putting his career at risk, but what bothered me even more was that Deniz was far too forgiving about it. And her cold vindictiveness makes me wonder again what it is about this girl that Deniz loves. Personally, what she did could hurt Deniz’s job and the company she works for. She really should be fired. And frankly, I can’t believe that Max or Jenny didn’t insist that she was.

A few things: with Can insisting that Joscha isn’t gay, I wonder how he’ll react when the truth comes out. My guess is that he’ll be okay that Joscha is gay, even if he makes his usual stupid remarks, but he’ll be hurt that Joscha lied and kept it from him. BTW, when Melanie pushed that girl in the pool and walked away, Can and Joscha seemed to forget it happened and pretty much walked away themselves! LOL… Finally, Ben filled out those tight red pants very nicely. Yum!

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