Langford on Soaps: Bloodbath Coming on “Hollyoaks”


Plus, Will undergoes a makeover on Nashville, Danny schemes to ruin the competition on EastEnders and the season finale of 6Degrees. Also, is General Hospital about to bring on a new gay?

Langford’s Picks and Pans

Neighbours (Australia)

You’d think with all the racket Chris makes while sleepwalking that he’d wake himself up, but I guess not.

As much as I dislike Amber, she was right to call Chris out for blaming her for the fact that Hudson killed Robbo. Sure it makes no sense that Hudson would kill someone he hardly knew for reasons that defy credibility, but he did do it. Hudson’s owning it so Chris should just accept that.

Thank God Sheila didn’t get sexually assaulted trying to help Chris. I wonder though, would this show even dare to take a rape storyline? Looks like she’s going to have some ongoing trauma because of it though.

I guess the show doesn’t realize how boring Josh and Amber are because they’re treating them like some star-crossed couple. I do think their parents banning them dating is silly and stupid since they live in the same small town and go to the same school. Besides, Amber’s not a bad person, she’s just a twit of a teenager who made a sex tape and got blackmailed. Could happen to anybody.

Nashville (U.S.)

I was kind of surprised that Will wound up going with Edgehill. I thought he’d stay with Rayna’s label and then be blackmailed into joining Edgehill by Jeff, who probably knows about his and Brent’s past. But Will joined Edgehill for the most plausible reason: he felt he could find the greater success there, despite Brent being around.

I thought it was interesting that it was seeing Gunnar perform his own music that made Will realize he didn’t have that kind of talent. As he told Rayna, “I just look good performing other people’s songs.” I wonder if Will’s not believing in himself and his talent is going to be part of his coming out process?

I still think that Jeff knows that Will and Brent were lovers, and it’ll come into play at some point in the story. Maybe Will decides he wants to leave Edgehill and Jeff uses it to keep Will under his thumb? Sounds like a plot twist waiting to happen.

I do think that Will owed Rayna the common courtesy of telling her he was going to go with Edgehill before she found out at the party, but I guess that wouldn’t have been as dramatic. I will add that as far as the rest of the show, I’m enjoying Rayna’s story and actress Connie Britton in the role is terrific. I also want to see what happens with Gunnar, but I hope and pray he doesn’t go back to Scarlett, who is terribly, terribly dull. I see him hooking up with Scarlett’s best girlfriend, at least for the time being.

6Degrees (Belfast)

Gee, too bad that Brendan was a cheater. Oh well, I hope Conor finds a little romance before season’s end, but there’s not much time left, unfortunately. It was interesting to see that Conor was in therapy to deal with his issues about his injury. I actually would like to have that story expanded upon, but the show is only a half hour a week and they have a pretty big cast to follow, which means there are a number of story points left hanging or that get the short shrift.

The show still hasn’t explained about the letters that Conor was getting or resolved the tension between Conor and Leech since Conor came out. It’s too bad they don’t have hour long episodes… or run longer than just six weeks. The show and its characters could do a lot with that extra time. But I guess the important thing is I enjoy the show and just wish there were more of it. I’m already missing the 6Degrees, which ends next week, and I’m looking forward to the third (and final) season.

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