Langford on Soaps: How Far Will Sonny Go To Stop Nick on “Days”?


Also, the Emmy pre-noms are in, Hollyoaks makes it to the US and Finn’s new job could lead to romance on Emmerdale. Also, not everybody likes boy kissing

Langford’s Picks and Pans

All That Matters (Germany)

Last week…

Tired of the lies and upset that he nearly risked his career lying for Joscha, Kai told Joscha to come out or they were over. Realizing how much he loved Kai, Joscha promised to come out after the upcoming soccer tournament. Meanwhile, Raquel worried about her brother in Cuba, who we learned was a doctor. He was released from jail, but now can no longer practice medicine because of the government’s belief that he helped Raquel escape the country.

I don’t think it’s fair for Kai to pressure Joscha to come out. After all, he knew what he was getting into when they got involved. It’s not right for him to nag him now. And even if he may have a point, I did think it was harsh of Kai to basically tell Joscha he’ll never be a big soccer star. And what if Joscha is noticed by a big talent scout. Doesn’t Kai realize that Joscha will (and rightfully so) break his promise?

The show had dropped the whole plot point about David and Kai’s shared past, but it looks like they are picking it up again with the discussion between Jenny and David. But David has to know that Jenny is going to dig and find out about his connection to Kai. She’s not the type of girl to just drop things.

So Raquel’s gay brother is a doctor? Quelle coincidence! Obviously with all the recent talk about him, he’s going to show up in town and get a job working with Kai. And then Joscha is really going to have a problem.

I can’t feel sorry for Lukas after all he did, the least of which was blackmailing his own brother. I don’t care how cute he is. His girlfriend is far too forgiving, IMO.

I’m sorry but the logic that Raquel had to break it off with Ingo because it’s too risky, but Joscha doesn’t have to break it off with Kai makes no sense to me.

Melanie and Deniz are still dating? Ugh….

Joscha is 20? I thought he had to be at least 5 years older — or rather the actor must be.

My favorite moment, BTW, was the little scene with Can and Katja in the doctor’s office. So adorable.

Coronation Street (U.K.)

I don’t know which I liked better. Eileen’s expression when Marcus admitted to sleeping with Todd or Marcus’ expression when he realized that Eileen didn’t know anything until she’d tricked Marcus into confessing. Marcus is not very good at this affair business. Not only did he confess all too easily, he’s going overboard with Maria because he feels guilty. He needs to dial it back or Maria will figure out there’s something going on. Or maybe she won’t. She’s not too bright.

But Marcus’ biggest problem, and he should realize this, is that Todd doesn’t care if the tryst is revealed. He has nothing to lose if it comes out. And he certainly doesn’t care if Liam gets hurt, so Marcus appealing to Todd on those grounds is pointless. I don’t think Todd loves Marcus, I’m not sure if Todd even likes him. Todd is just out to cause trouble. And that’s what makes him so dangerous.

BTW, could Todd never wear that ugly ass brown shirt again? It’s painful on the eyes.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Poor T. I felt sorry for him with what Nick did. Though T’s probably lucky. He deserves so much better than Gabi. I did like the look on T’s face when Ben assumed Sonny was going to marry a woman. That was hilarious. I still want T to get some loving and a story of his own though.

Speaking of which, Ben is HOT. Too bad he is most likely not going to create problems for Will and Sonny. They just don’t get those kind of, you know, soap opera storylines. He’s probably going to complicate the EJ/Abby/Sami storyline.

I’m glad that Marlena got Will’s head out of the clouds and made him realize that Gabi and the baby can’t always live with him and Sonny. It was a situation that couldn’t last (and never should have happened to begin with). But Marlena does quilting group? Not only do I find that hard to believe, but Marlena is not an invalid. I’m sure she can take herself.

I loved the look on Adrienne’s face when Will and Sonny flashed their engagement rings (they can quit doing that now, it was cute once, but that’s about it). She didn’t say anything, but it looked like there were plenty of words we can’t use here going through her mind. The thing is, as before, she has legit concerns about them getting married, even if Sonny is too busy jumping down her throat to see it. I know the show (and fans) like to paint her as the villain, but Adrienne made perfect sense to me.

Why is Sami nickel and diming Ciara? Sami’s rich! What does it matter how much the earrings cost? Then again, you know I am no fan of bratty soap kids (or soap kids in general who should vanish as babies and reappear as teenagers), so I think Ciara needs a spanking instead of coddling.

One thing is true though, Will and Sonny certainly aren’t their parents. And that’s a shame. They’d be a hell of a lot more interesting if they were.

*Thanks to MRFIXIT for the clips!

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