Langford on Soaps: Iolo Has A Tragic Accident on “People of the Valley”



I don’t think Casualty has had a regular gay character since Toby and Ben a few years ago. I really loved Toby and Ben, together and as individual characters and wasn’t happy when the show wrote them off. So it’s nice that the show has finally added a regular gay character to the cast and I like Jamie quite a bit. I’m so glad that he’s not closeted and isn’t struggling with his sexuality, though it’s obvious that his father discovering he’s gay is going to be a storyline at some point.

As for the plot about the teenage boy with gender dysphoria, I thought that it was an interesting storyline. It was really quite sweet the lengths and risks that Zack took just to see Danny and make sure he’s all right. When Danny was talking about taking the hormone replacements, I kept asking myself where would he get that kind of drug in a juvenile detention center. I guess the answer is that he wouldn’t which is why Zack had to lie to him about the drugs he was taking.

I know we won’t see Danny and Zack beyond this and I can’t imagine that they have a bright future together since at some point Danny will become a woman, assuming he goes through with the sex change, but I did enjoy seeing the close bond they have, if only for a moment. And it was nice that the show didn’t treat Danny’s issue as freakish or weird, but a matter of fact.

People of the Valley

I haven’t watched this show in about a year and I enjoyed seeing Iolo again. I have always loved this character and I think the actor is terrific (and so adorably cute), but it was always so frustrating to watch as the show gave Iolo nothing to do other than advise Macs on whatever disaster he was making in his life while everyone else has stories and romances. Yeah, Iolo had that relationship with Alun a couple of years ago, but nothing on his plate since then. And well, I find it hard to believe that a sweet and lovable guy like Iolo would go so long between boyfriends or even just a date with someone. But it seems Iolo has a new beau, Josh, though it did come out of nowhere.

Let’s hope there’s a story to go along with Iolo’s new man…

I’m wondering exactly where the show is going with this. Since Josh keeps getting mentioned we’ll obviously see him again and the show, knowing it as I do, wouldn’t be bothering with this plot development if it wasn’t going to mean something. The only thing I can guess is that Josh will at some point become a teacher at the school. But more than that not only can I not fathom where it’s going, but how long it’ll take to get there. POTV isn’t exactly a fast paced drama. But if Iolo is finally going to get a storyline (and a boyfriend), they’ve got my attention no matter how long it takes.

As for Iolo’s birthday, I see Huw hasn’t changed a bit. He was always a flaky kid and he’s still a flaky kid. I mean, it wasn’t that long ago that Huw was desperate to marry Lois, even though she had cheated on him, was pregnant with someone else’s baby and didn’t like him all that much. So his joining a cult and getting involved in an arranged marriage isn’t exactly a shocker. But like everything else with Huw, this has disaster written all over it.

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