Langford on Soaps: Iolo reveals life changing secret on People of the Valley

Plus, “Hollyoaks” lands British Soap Awards nominations, the return of “House Husbands” and “Days” is a winner.


General Hospital (U.S)

As much as I liked that final scene where Felix told Britt she wasn’t going to get away with trying to break up Sabrina and Patrick, I just kept thinking that this show really needs to get Felix out of the BFF role because that’s all he does. Or at least give him something else to do. Everything in his life is about Sabrina and her life and her romances. Even when he was pursuing Milo, it was really about Sabrina. And having a gay character’s life revolve around his best girlfriend’s romances just seems so dated and a shame on a show headed by two gay men. Even Days,with all its flaws, treats their gays better than that.

House Husbands (Australia)

I loved this show and I’m glad it’s back. Kane is probably one of my favorite gays currently on television. But I didn’t like Kane so much in this episode. I really had a problem with Kane not only going behind Tom’s back to find out whether Liam was Stella’s biological father, but then he went and told Liam the truth after confirming paternity. Yes, Liam had the right to know he had a child out there, but it wasn’t Kane’s decision to make when or if the truth would be revealed. I just found Kane’s actions to be a huge betrayal of trust and to me, Tom was much too forgiving and let Kane get off far too easily for his thoughtless and reckless behavior. It never seemed to occur to Kane that they could wind up losing custody of Stella so the situation had to be handled delicately. To me, Kane’s behavior was outrageous and perhaps even unforgivable, even though things turned out all right.

I knew the subject of Kane’s legal status would be brought up and I knew that it would result with Tom deciding to have Kane be named at Stella’s legal co-parent. As it stands Kane, though he’s the primary caregiver, has no legal rights where Stella is concerned and you would think that after that was made painfully clear when Stella was sick last season they would have done something about it before another crisis hit.

And you know, I got a feeling of foreboding from the events in this episode. One thing is certain is that Liam will be back and he’ll want to be part of his daughter’s life. But what if he returned just as something happened and Tom was either killed or was unable to care for Stella and Kane’s legal rights hadn’t been established in the courts yet. Liam could take the child away from Kane and there’s nothing he could do about it. Just something that occurred to me while watching. I don’t know if this will happen, but I could see it happening.

One last thing, while I was delighted that Liam never was bothered that his daughter was being raised by two gay men (though it could be he didn’t care who was raising her as long as he didn’t have to be involved), I’m not so pleased at something in regards to Tom and Kane’s interpersonal relationship. Last season we really saw little of Tom and Kane ‘s interaction as a couple because Tom’s role on the show was very limited.

But this season Tom’s role is bigger, but we still don’t get much of Tom and Kane as a couple, dealing with their relationship outside of being parents, including making time for romance. It just became very clear on last week’s show when during the show’s opening we saw all the couples in intimate and romantic moments, except for Tom and Kane. It’s great that the show wants to be relevant by having this openly gay couple raising a child. But if they want to tell us that Tom and Kane are like any other couple, then perhaps they should treat them as such.

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