Langford on Soaps: Iolo reveals life changing secret on People of the Valley

Holby City (U.K.)

I admit I fell way behind on watching this show, even though they’ve been featuring Malick in a pretty lengthy story arc about his relationship with his son and Malick’s ongoing coupling with fellow doctor Nathan. But I finally caught up and I like what the show has been doing. Malick is still Malick, brash and egotistical and edgy, but we see him softening a bit and becoming more multi-dimensional as he develops these new relationships in his life. I still think his fiery relationship with Dan might have made a more compelling love story for Malick, but I’m happy with what the show is doing.

I thought that Malick’s nervousness about coming out to his son was completely realistic and believable. He’d never cared what people thought of him in the past, but with Jake it was different. Like Malick said, Jake had been through a lot and finding out that his father was gay and that being in part was why Malick was never part of his life would be shocking news. On the other hand, Jake’s reaction was also believable. He’s already lost his mother and as he said, there’s really no other news that could be worse. I liked that Jake basically saw being gay as no big deal and felt that people who think it is are living in the dark ages. And it was a nice point that Malick made that his father’s inability to accept his homosexuality wasn’t really all that long ago.

So for the moment, Malick’s life seems relatively settled. He’s developing a relationship with his son and he’s got Nathan in his life. That tranquility can’t last. It’s going to be interesting to see where they take the character next.

Neighbours (Australia)

It’s a pretty sad week when the most interesting thing about it is the show’s new credits, which have finally been updated following all the recent cast changes. Fans are complaining that the show hasn’t changed their cheesy song lyrics, but they don’t seem to realize that those lyrics are what the show is all about and that changing them would be like Days dropping its hourglass. It’s an integral part of the show’s history and in soaps your history should always be respected. Overall, I actually like the new opening theme and it’s curious how prominent Chris is, even if the show really seems uninterested in writing for him these days.

I dunno, I think the show doesn’t know what to do with him these days or that’s how it’s seems, so he drifts between scenes talking to Kyle about his problems or talking to Amber about her problems or running the garage single handed while Lucas deals with his baby and having cancer. Mason doesn’t seem to be around much either. Perhaps he’s looking for his shirt since he never seems to have one on. Anyway, I keep hoping that the show would follow up in its promise to give Chris romantic interests with Aidan gone. With each passing week my hopes fade.

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