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River City

I really enjoyed this past week’s River City. First of all, I have to admit that Robbie and Will are growing on me as a couple. No, you won’t see me going all fangirl on them, but I like them much more than I used to. I also think that the pairing has really suited Robbie as a character and has helped to ground and mature what used to be a really flighty and sometimes annoying character. He still can be flighty and annoying, but his relationship with Will has fleshed the character out and softened his more bothersome traits.

I continue to love that River City has this gay couple in lead stories that usually isn’t about them being gay. Yes, Will’s father disapproves of his son’s relationship with Robbie, but their lives and stories are much bigger than their sexuality such as Will’s problems at work and his conflict with his boss. That is a storyline I’m really becoming intrigued by because it’s getting more tense for Will, especially now that he’s been told to butt out or else.

I’m glad they haven’t forgotten Will’s anger issues. No, he’s not hitting Robbie anymore (for the moment), but this is the second time he’s taken his rage out on a criminal who escaped justice, though clearly Will’s need to please his father played into that. I can only imagine what’s going to happen now that Will’s dad is coming to live with he and Robbie. And how will that affect their plans to have a baby? What is Will’s dad going to think about that? So many interesting story elements to play out.

However, I had a problem with the way the case played out. I don’t know how things are in Scottish courts, but could someone really claim self defense if they broke into someone’s home and were attacked by the homeowner? We know here in this country, you break into someone’s house, they can shoot to kill in many states. Could someone more familiar with the laws in Scotland clue me in on if this is actually feasible? That whole thing was just strange.

And I loved the scenes with Hayley and Robbie, so real and warm. I wish she would come back to the show on a permanent basis.


You’d think that Cheryl would figure out that there’s something deeper going on with Seamus and Brendan. It’s so obvious there’s something big burning between them. Then again, Cheryl has always been oblivious and wrong-headed so it’s no surprise she can’t see what’s right in front of her. I mean, how she could believe Seamus’ ridiculous story of how Brendan broke his arm when he was a kid? Anyone with a drop of common sense would see there’s more to this story than that. That was a really strong scene when Brendan told Ste part of the story of what happened on that trip. Brendan’s only giving half the tale of that event and how he talked about his dad shows how scared and frightened he is of his father, even though Brendan is now a grown man. Emmett Scanlan is a really wonderful actor who makes pretty much any scene work.

I totally disagree with Cheryl’s threat to out Brendan if he doesn’t make peace with his father. That is really not her place or her decision to make. But I loved when Brendan was accidentally outed by Joel. It was a terrific, tense scene and Joel’s little grin at the end was a nice touch. Joel didn’t intend to out Brendan to his father, but it didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy doing it. Also, it’s too bad that Ste’s role on this show has been reduced to being Brendan’s talk to. But then Ste lost his voice and his persona the moment he went back to his abuser so it’s no surprise that everything in his life revolves around what Brendan wants and thinks and needs and feels.

Joel enjoyed outing Brendan, even if he didn’t intend to do it…

I did like the scenes between John Paul and Frankie, though I hope that John Paul just doesn’t sit around moping about Craig and gets on with his life. There isn’t much point into bringing him back if he doesn’t have new relationships and find new loves. I know some fans say ‘why can’t he have stories that aren’t about his love life’, but that’s just ridiculous. Most soap stories are about romance and love and falling in and out love. So it should be the same here. It’s typical that Frankie would blame John Paul for the break up, however. She always thought her son Craig was perfect, even though he was one of the biggest jerks Chester has ever seen. I did love Darren telling Frankie off. She needed it. Oh and I almost didn’t recognize Callum about his facial hair. He should keep it shaved off. He’s cuter than ever.

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