Langford on Soaps: Is “General Hospital” About To Add A Gay Character?



I wondered how long it would take for it to be revealed that Aidan had broken hospital rules by secretly performing Andrew’s blood tests. This was this past week it finally happened. And, while it’s an interesting story, I’m not happy about how it played out.

First of all, since Georgia clearly had no intention of not turning Aidan in, or at least gave it very little thought before she did. She could have at least warned Aidan that the hammer was about to fall so he wasn’t blindsided. I suppose she did the right thing because he did violate hospital policy, but as far as I’m concerned, Georgia can save the half-hearted apologies. She’s not stupid and she had to know what would happen as a result of her blabbing. Just own up to what you did and shut up.

As for the fallout, I came away with two questions. One, why do the gays on this show have to be such pushovers and two, why does Andrew always eventually get a pass for every horrible thing he does? For example, after getting suspended and while his career is on the line, Aidan is falling all over himself to make sure that Chris doesn’t fight with his friends over the situation. Frankly that should be the last thing on Aidan’s mind. And I was so annoyed with Tash and Summer leaping to Andrew’s defense over his blackmailing of Aidan.

To be fair, they did have a point that Aidan should have never helped Andrew to begin with because he shouldn’t have. I always had a problem with that plot point because I never believed that Aidan would risk his career for someone he hardly knew. He and Andrew were not friends. Andrew was Chris’ friend. And in fact, more than once, Chris and Aidan fought because Aidan felt Chris’ friends were taking advantage of him (and they were). So Aidan helping Andrew like he did just never rang true to me.

And while Aidan did break the rules by helping Andrew, does that make it okay that Andrew turned around and blackmailed Aidan? Tash and Summer basically seemed to shrug their shoulders and say ‘that’s how Andrew is’ upon hearing the news. It wasn’t that long ago that neither of them were speaking to Andrew because of the whole scam he pulled regarding the phone app. Once again, Andrew took advantage of someone’s trust and kindness, only this time they overlooked his horrible behavior.

Then why should Summer and Tash be upset when Aidan was giving Andrew a pass as well? Sorry, but Aidan should be very bitter and furious for what Andrew did. But like Chris, Aidan is a wimp when it comes to their friends — friends who would never do the same for them by the way.

The one thing I did like was Aidan going off the rails and spending too much time partying and clubbing to deal with his problems. That’s very real behavior. But honestly, I think Chris came off a nag. If Aiden wants to blow off some steam for a couple of days, let him. Be there for him when he’s ready to talk. In the meantime, give him some space. BTW, Aiden looked hot in those jeans he had painted on.

Sadly though, I think it’s the beginning of the end for Chris and Aidan, and since they only got back together a few weeks ago, I wonder why the show bothered bringing Aidan back and reuniting them to begin with. It’s not like they had a lot of chemistry. I think the show would have been better served to bring on a new love interest for Chris and start over in that department.

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