Langford on Soaps: Is It The End For Christian And Ollie on “Forbidden Love?”


River City

This was yet another terrific episode in this fantastic ongoing storyline. Will’s workplace problems, combined with his troubling issues at home with Robbie continue to make for a powerful and thought-provoking storyline with plenty of strong writing and great acting. I just love that this show has a intriguing story that isn’t about gays making babies (though Will and Robbie have discussed it). The intricacies of Will’s hearing and the various political manipulations were interesting to watch and there are still plenty of ramifications to be played out on that front. And with Robbie seeing the dark side of his spouse’s work, I wonder what kind of effect that will have on their marriage as well.

As wrong as Will abusing Robbie is, I really hope that the character gets help and is able to remain on the canvas rather than being written off. Judging by how integrated the character is into the cast, I think that’s what will happen. Will, as he is written, is not a monstrous abuser, he’s much more complex and multidimensional than that and I think there’s much to be explored as he works through his anger issues. He seems to want to do the right thing, given his decision to tell the truth at his hearing, but things, usually of his own making, just keep getting in the way of his best intentions. Getting his father out of his life would be a start as he seems to prey on Will’s insecurities and constantly questions his masculinity. It’s no excuse for his abusing Robbie, but that clearly feeds on Will’s issues about himself.

The final two scenes with Will and Robbie were particularly moving with Will having trashed their apartment in a fit of anger and then sobbing in Robbie’s arms because he was afraid Robbie might leave him and then Robbie cleaning up to make things perfect, including putting the stopper in the wine as to not set Will off again. Though it’s pretty clear that Robbie is starting to realize that he and Will’s problems are not the world around them, but within the relationship itself.

But is it wrong of me that I can’t wait to see Will in his uniform now that he’s been demoted? I’m sure he’ll look super hot. Sometimes it’s the little things.

People of the Valley

I’m still having trouble with the basic concept of this storyline, that Iolo could run over Gethin and leave him to die. I know I keep picking this nit, but it goes to the very core of who Iolo is. He wouldn’t do such a terrible thing, which is why this bothers me to no end. I especially find it hard to believe that Iolo could actually walk around like he didn’t have a care in the world as if he could simply put it behind him. I realize that delusion didn’t last long, but the fact that he could even think of such a thing is completely out of character.

How much longer can Iolo live with his guilt?

I have heard from several people that they’re glad that Iolo is showing some feet of clay rather than being the ‘good son’ in the family because it means he can finally have some story. I can’t deny that I’m pleased that I’m finally seeing more of this character I like so much. I just wish that it was in a story that wasn’t so destructive to his character. But with that said, it’s still an intriguing storyline and Dyfan Rees is giving some nice performances. I have no idea where this plotline is going to go next, but I have a suspicion that Iolo is going to try and assuage his guilt by making it is his business to help Gethin get better.

I guess we’ll see in the coming weeks and months.

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