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I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that now that Chris and Aidan are back together, they’d return to their old roles of supporting players in everyone else’s drama. Sadly, we don’t even get any scenes of them enjoying being back together or working to get the point they were before the split as they were nearly living together back then, though Chris did casually mention they were taking things slow. Let’s hope we get some insight to their relationship as it goes forward, though given this show’s history, I have my doubts.

As for the drama we did see, I really find Chris’ endless support of Andrew to be annoying. As Tash and Summer rightfully pointed out, Andrew screwed Chris over and would do it again. And he barely apologized for nearly ruining Chris’ life and almost bankrupting Chris’ family. In fact, in that scene between Chris and Andrew it seemed to me that Andrew was making Chris feel guilty because Andrew did the right thing and told the truth about the accident, which put him on bad terms with his father.

Can Chris and Aidan get a life?

For someone who swore he’d stand up for himself, and does so with other people, Chris certainly doesn’t do it in regards to Andrew. It almost makes you wonder if Chris is still attracted to Andrew, but I doubt the show is going to go there. At least Aidan told Andrew they weren’t friends as long as Andrew continues to blackmail him.

As for the storyline revolving around Andrew’s epilepsy, I had to admit it remains an interesting and well written story, though I’m ready for Andrew’s friends and family to learn the truth. He’s kept it secret for far too long, to the point where it’s starting to strain credulity.

Good Times, Bad Times

And that’s that. I guess the resolution to Bilal and Lucas’ relationship had a realistic end, with Bilal still unable to come out of the closet, despite his feelings for Lucas. As I said before I think the storyline was really well acted and the writing for the various individual scenes was well done.

As a whole, though the story just didn’t work. I still don’t buy that Lucas and Bilal were all that in love. They were totally mismatched to me and I don’t think for a minute their relationship would really work if it had come out into the open because they were just too different. And besides, the chemistry just wasn’t there. With the way things ended, I can’t help but think Bilal will probably meet another woman and marry her, but find a man to cheat with on the side. Thankfully, Lucas was unwilling to do that.

I’m also wondering what the point of the storyline was. Lucas did show a little bit of personal growth during the arc. I don’t see why the show bothered giving Lucas this very brief romance, especially since it has been so long since Edwin died. Of course there’s the chance that Bilal could always come back, but I honestly hope not. The story was misguided and wrong-headed to begin with so there’s no need to revisit it. I just hope the show gives Lucas a viable, long term and out of the closet love interest soon. Two coming out stories in the space of two years is more than enough.

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