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As I said last week, I’m really enjoying Neighbours these days. The fallout from the accident has continued to make for interesting soap. Now, I don’t know anything about epilepsy or its symptoms, so I can’t say if the show is being medically accurate about Andrew’s illness, but it’s dramatically compelling to watch.

I see a lot of comments about Andrew being ‘stupid’ for not taking Aidan’s advice and telling people about his situation, but his behavior makes perfect sense to me. Andrew has always been one to avoid problems. His father is repeatedly telling him he needs to be tough and he can’t even talk to Chris and his friends because they won’t have anything to do with him following the accident. Risking his health might be stupid, but it’s realistic.

What isn’t so realistic, however, is the lawsuit that Paul has against Chris. Surely before they go to court Paul will get all the facts, which will include getting the testimony of Tash, Summer, Andrew and Sophie. While Andrew might lie, there is no way that the others won’t tell that the accident happened because Andrew hit Chris’ arm while he struggled with Tash to stop her from phoning the police about the fraud he committed.

Paul is supposedly a smart guy, so I can’t believe he hasn’t gotten all the details before making any moves. Once he knows that Andrew was in part responsible for the accident and his fraudulent behavior would become a matter of public record, there’s no way he’d let the case go forward. So things realistically should never even get to court. But I guess if it came out now, we’d have no story, would we? Still it’s a big flaw in the story that none of this has been explored.

As for the impending reunion of Chris and Aidan, I still don’t think they have chemistry, but James Mason and Bob Morely are both good actors so I enjoyed the scenes of Chris trying to win Aiden back. It makes perfect sense that Aiden would be reluctant to get back with Chris, even if he still loves him. Sure, Chris is out of the closet at long last, but he does have the habit of lying when things get difficult. How can Aiden ever trust or believe Chris? But it’ll be interesting to see how Chris convinces Aidan to trust him again as it’s only a matter of time before they are back together.

Secret Lives

I tell you what, they sure do make those boys from Finland awfully purty. Heh. But back on topic, I actually enjoyed this story. Sure, we’ve seen it a thousand times before, but it’s all about the execution and this is executed well. The actors, while not particularly strong, do handle their roles well and Elias is likeable — even if he is cheating with his best friends’ boyfriend behind her back. His guilt and confusion is well depicted and I really liked the scenes with the woman that I assume is his mother.

How long will Elias and Lari’s relationship stay a secret?

I like that she is totally non-judgmental and accepting of her son’s sexuality, but I was a little shocked that she wasn’t more troubled by his sleeping with Lari. But I’ve come to realize that other cultures tend to not be as moralizing about these things as they are here in the States. Whether that’s good or bad, I don’t know; it’s just different.

Let’s face it though, we know where this is going. Lari won’t be able to stay out of Elias’ bed, they’ll get caught, the young woman will feel all kinds of betrayed, but ultimately Elias and Lari will get together and everyone will come to accept it. At least, that’s how these things usually work out. The thing is, despite that, I’m looking forward to seeing it unfold, not dreading each and every clichéd beat. As I said before, it’s all about the execution and here, it works.

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