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People of the Valley (Wales)

I’m really curious where this is going. Iolo seems determined to find a way to deal with his guilt and clear his conscience for what happened with Gethin and the show has made a point of saying Iolo just can’t walk away and pretend it never happened. Sion is handling his own guilt by burying himself in his religion, so what is Iolo going to do? I still think he’s going to try and help Gethin regain the ability to walk and who knows where that will lead. But wherever it goes, it’s obvious it’s going to take a long time to get there. I’ve seen several folks complaining that the story is dragging, which makes me wonder if they’ve ever watched this show before. I personally don’t mind a slow pace (soaps used to be written that way as a rule) as long it stays interesting along the way. And so far, I’m interested.

River City (Scotland)

It isn’t just the strong acting and powerful writing that makes this show’s storytelling so strong, it’s the skillful directing and the thoughtful choices in background music that combines to create terrific drama and last week’s episode was exceptional, perhaps the best episode I’ve seen of this show since I started watching when Robbie and Will first met well over a year ago. The ramifications of Robbie and Will’s breakup combined with Will’s murder investigation and how it affected him created many touching and moving moments, starting with how the compelling episode began, detailing the investigation into how Petey’s mother really died.

It was great how as the story continued Will began to see himself for who he really was, as unpleasant as it may be. I think there were two scenes that were key in that. First it was the disturbing scene where Will confessed to his father that he had been abusing Robbie and his father not only put the blame on Robbie, but basically said that if that’s what Will needed to do to keep Robbie in line then so be it. Even more chilling was George saying that he never hit Will’s mother, but he didn’t need to because she knew what the rules were.

Is this the end for Robbie and Will?

But obviously it was when Will and DCI Donald got Petey’s father to confess to killing his former wife that Will realized the direction he was headed and that he had to do something or he would end up killing Robbie someday just like the suspect had murdered his spouse. The final scene between Will and Robbie where Will told Robbie that Robbie had to move on with his life and Will admitted that he needed help, but that he couldn’t get it as long as they were together was sad and heartbreaking. I always thought we’d see Will get the help he needed dealing with his issues and it seems that’s the direction the show is headed in.

I also suspect that eventually the show will work towards reuniting Will and Robbie once Will has put his abusive tendencies behind him. And there’s no doubt we’ll see Petey again given how things ended between he and Will. I wouldn’t even be surprised if once they are back together, Will and Robbie find themselves parenting the boy. But that won’t be for awhile and there’s a lot of drama before we get to that. The point is, I don’t think Will and Robbie breaking up and Will’s realizations about himself are is the end of their story, but just the start of a new arc.

General Hospital (U.S.)

Thank God, Felix decided to stop making a fool of himself over Milo. His fighting with Sabrina over a guy Felix never had a chance with made the character foolish and unsympathetic. I’m glad someone, Carly in this case, made him see what an idiot he was being. Now let’s hope the show comes through with what they teased last week. I mean, what are we to make of Bobbie talking about her son Lucas meeting the right man and then the show immediately switching to Felix lamenting his pathetic love life? Let’s just hope that we see Lucas cast and the romance beginning in the near future.

Step away from the straight guy….!

I’ve said before that this show doesn’t really appeal to me, and it doesn’t. But I do appreciate the lavish attention being paid to the show’s 50th anniversary. It’s especially meaningful given that this show was on the brink of cancellation that it’s not only going to see it’s 50th, but looks to live on past that. I think it’s just terrific that they have brought back so many of the show’s most beloved and legendary characters and not just for cameos, but actually using them in ongoing story. So while GH may not be a show I sit down and watch daily, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate what they are doing.

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