Langford on Soaps: Joscha Gets a Wife – And a Boyfriend on “All That Matters”


Plus, Patrick and Nolan’s first kiss on Revenge, Will gets a job offer on Days, Doug bites the dust on Hollyoaks and Lucas and Menno get engaged on Good Times, Bad Times.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

All That Matters (Germany)

A quick recap of last week’s shows…

Joscha began receiving text messages threatening to out him, prompting him to consider marrying Raquel to throw off doubts about his sexuality. Meanwhile, Can continued to deny he wanted anything more from Katja than sex while Katja realized she was attracted to him despite herself.

The Can/Katja storyline is kind of cute. I loved his drunken confession of love for her, even if he referenced a horrible film series like Twilight. And Katja couldn’t help but be moved by it, especially since Can had only been a misogynist pig to her up until this point in order to hide his real feelings. Will this be the turning point for them? It looks like Katja is really attracted to Can, judging by her staring at him when he got out of the pool, but I can’t really see any relationship lasting between them. But like I said it is cute and fun to watch.

As for Joscha, who we barely saw last week, since it’s not likely that Melanie is sending the text messages, my guess is that it’s Nick. He’s really the only other person who would do such a thing, not to mention there’s really no other reason for this character to be hanging around as long as he has.

Among Us (Germany)

A quick recap of last week’s shows:

Ringo’s half brother Tobias found out about Easy having a picture of Yannick and Ringo kissing and convinced Easy to give Ringo the flash drive with picture on it and destroy all the copies. Still pretending he was into Tine, Ringo couldn’t forget his kiss with Yannick, nor could he bring himself to erase the picture. Later, when he found himself alone with Yannick, Ringo couldn’t pretend he didn’t want his ex-lover and the two boys started tearing each other’s clothes off.

After all the drama and denials about his feelings for Yannick, Ringo sure did give in quickly. One touch and the boys are going at it. This story hasn’t been very well developed. For one, I have no idea why Yannick would be interested in Ringo. Ringo has treated him like dirt from the minute Yannick showed up in town, but Yannick is all into him. Yes, I know they met in computer camp, but the show really should have given us some scenes from that time or at least showed us some quiet, emotional moments between Yannick and Ringo where we got a glimpse of what they shared in the past. I just feel like we’re missing a lot of beats in the story.

I did like that even though he hates Ringo, Easy was unwilling to blackmail him or use his being gay against him. In fact, Easy said more than once that he didn’t care if Ringo was gay. He just didn’t like Ringo’s behavior in regards to Tine or Yannick and hated some of the stuff he did in the past. I also like that Tobias was totally non-judgmental about Ringo being gay and went out of his way to help his half-brother. And the bonding scenes with Easy and Tobias were terrific. I don’t know if these two are already friends or are just developing one, but they have a cute little bromance going.

BTW, I really find Kira annoying. Her bratty behavior is neither cute or endearing. And someone needs to pull the plug on her radio show. Her whining because she’s being punished for bad behavior is not something I enjoy watching.

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

As the drama was mostly about Chad and Will & Sonny did little more than make sandwiches (in a really silly number of scenes to be honest), I don’t have a lot to say.

When Sonny talked about trying to give blood, but he couldn’t because he wasn’t the right type, the show seemed to forget that gay men still can’t donate blood. They could have used that moment to illustrate how sad it is this ban still exists. For example, what if Sonny was the right type, but couldn’t be there to help his friend when he really needed him? That would have been a very effective point to be made that would have fit into the story as well.

I’m very surprised the show didn’t kill Chad off. I guess he leaves town alive and breathing. Doesn’t matter to me as long as he goes.

So exactly how has Chad become a better person when he met Will and Sonny? He knew Will years before he met Sonny and Chad’s pretty much always been the same guy. I just thought that was strange what Sami said.

When Daniel saved Chad’s life, I could only think that Daniel eventually ends up sleeping with his patients at some point. We probably won’t get lucky with Chad though!

I thought it was hilarious that Abigail chose the moment she did to tell her mother that she lost her virginity to Chad, especially since Jen’s reaction seemed to be ‘about time, girl’.

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