Langford on Soaps: Judgment Day and Dead Bodies on “Hollyoaks”


Plus, Lari faces his father on Secret Lives, Will confronts an ex-lover on Nashville, Ste has his day in court on Hollyoaks and Salem’s gays have it out on Days.

Langford’s Picks and Pans

Secret Lives (Finland)

It’s nice to see that despite all the problems in their lives, Lari and Elias still find the time to be romantic and *gasp* have sex. Some other TV gay duos and possible duos should take note.


I’m also glad for some forward motion with this story, which was stalling for the past few weeks, and is something this show often does. Though I suspect it’s not going to go well between Lari and his father given that Illkea thinks that Elias ‘converted’ his son. My guess is that Lari’s wish that he and Elias live together permanently is going to become real. I did chuckle when folks kept saying that Lari is underage, given that the actor clearly looks old enough to be living on his own without anyone’s permission.

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All That Matters (Germany)

Did Joscha seriously think he would get away with breaking up with Melanie and putting the blame for Deniz? He had to know Deniz would never stand for that, especially after Deniz refused to go along with Joscha’s plan to ‘let’ Deniz steal Mel away from him, though the delight on Joscha’s face when he found out that Deniz wanted Mel for himself was kind of funny. But I don’t think that Joscha should have to tell Melanie that he’s gay, Deniz shouldn’t keep insisting that Joscha does that. When and how he comes out is his choice.

How long can Joscha keeps his secret from Nick and his teammates?

As for the breakup, I can’t be too mad at Melanie for reacting how she did. Joscha did use her and said over and over that he loved her which was all a lie. Anybody might indulge in an ugly, public confrontation. Okay, I wouldn’t, but I don’t blame Mel for doing it. But she should leave it at that and move on. However, I don’t think Mel is going to go away so quietly.

I wish I could feel sorry for Joscha though, but I don’t. At least not much. He made this bed, used Melanie shamelessly all the while he was cheating on her with random men. So he has to accept the consequences of his own actions. Still though, Joscha clearly hates himself and hates being gay. Until he gets over that, he’ll never really be happy whether he chooses to stay closeted or not.

General Hospital (U.S.)

I can’t see myself watching this soap on a regular basis, but I did love the plot arc with Ava and Morgan hooking up and then Carly, Michael and Kiki finding out about the tryst. Ava and Morgan are pretty hot together, but Maura West is one of those actresses who has chemistry with everybody she works with. Man she’s good. I admit though that I laughed during the initial sex scene because the show put some uber porny music in the background.

Will the gays on this show ever be as interesting as Morgan’s sexy tryst with Ava?

The kid that plays Morgan isn’t the best actor and has the tendency to whine in some of his scenes, especially when conveying anger. That said, he is very hot and is much more likeable and appealing than the very boring Michael and Kiki, whose self-righteousness is annoying. Michael and Kiki kept making out even though they thought they were cousins and Michael just stole his brother’s wife. Please spare me the outrage about two single people hooking up. Now go have your boring love where I don’t have to look at it. Thanks! Oh and can I say I appreciate the show not shaving Morgan’s deliciously hairy chest? Yay to no manscaping!

As for the show’s gays who keep their clothes on and don’t get to have sex, I just shook my head when Brad brought Felix those chocolates. Seriously? Are we in grade school? Come on, these are grown men. You’d think that the powers that be on this show, who are openly gay, can write an adult romance between two men. Even this show’s teens are taking their clothes off and getting busy. But the bigger problem, as I’ve said before, is that there is no time spent developing this story. Generally weeks go by between scenes for these two. When Felix referred to that ‘moment he and Brad shared a few days ago’, it was actually weeks ago when that happened. Whatever momentum that was built in those scant moments are gone and meaningless now.


Besides, Felix being all judgmental about Brad is annoying and I’ve tired of this aspect of the character. Both Felix and Britt say that Brad is the father and the agreement was that Brad not be involved in the child’s life. Sure, that’s not true, not even close, but what Brad and Britt do in regards to ‘their’ baby is their business. Busybodies irritate me, as you’ll see when you read this week’s Days review.

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