Langford on Soaps: Luke’s New Man on “Good Times, Bad Times”

Plus, the debuts of the rebooted All My Children and One Life To Live, what’s ahead for the gays on Days and Shortland Street. Also, Ste turns to drugs and violence on Hollyoaks.


Good Times, Bad Times (The Netherlands)


When I heard that Lucas was, after far too long, going to get a new love interest, I prayed that the show would avoid giving us another closet case (like Edwin or Bilal). The show not only did not that but gave me a character I can’t wait to get to know. Menno is mature, out of the closet, confident about his sexuality and he’s a cop, all of which I love. Plus he is gorgeous and looks great in a pair of jeans. He and Lucas already have red hot chemistry, something missing from Lucas’ previous relationships and boyfriends. The scene where they were flirting in Lucas’ club had sizzling sparks flying all over the place. I absolutely loved that episode and it’s been a very long time since I could say that about anything involving this show.

There is already built in conflict with Menno telling Lucas that they can’t get romantically involved because Lucas is part of the investigation that Menno is conducting. Of course we know that won’t last, not when the attraction is so obvious and potent. And this is a perfect relationship for Lucas at this point in his life. Lucas is a grown man with a business. It’s time for him to have an adult relationship, full of soapy complications, but free of tired issues revolving around sexuality and coming out. Lucas has been there and done that more than once. And it’ll definitely be interesting to see Menno and Lucas try to navigate their relationship amid the sometimes shady dealings of Lucas’ family. I’m really anxious to see where this already intriguing storyline is going. However, I have been disappointed by this shows storytelling and plot choices in the past. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen here.

As for other events on the show, there are things that only happen in soaps and one them would be Lucas and Weit’s friendship. Only in soaps can you pal around with the person who shot up your sister’s wedding and put you in a coma. Heh…. Meantime, I loved seeing Noud, who is handsome and sweet as ever. I still think that he and Nina are completely unsuited for each other and I can’t believe they are going to get married again. I wonder though if Weit will ruin this upcoming wedding as well. Hopefully this time she doesn’t bring a gun.

General Hospital (U.S)

There’s really not much to say here as Felix continues to spend all of his time obsessing about Sabrina’s romantic life (and now her clothes and hair and makeup). The show does, however, through dialogue, keep hinting heavily that Felix will soon have his own romance. It needs to happen soon. Felix is far too invested in his BFF’s life. Oh and can we end his still pining for Milo? That ship has sailed, the dude is straight and it makes Felix just look sad and pathetic. And I still don’t Patrick and Sabrina have much chemistry. He’s also far too old and mature for her.

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