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Coronation Street

As much as I liked their scenes, Sean’s horrible presence notwithstanding, it’s pretty clear that Aiden and Marcus’ relationship is doomed. Supposedly, they’re dating, but we haven’t seen any of their relationship develop on screen. I guess the real storyline is what’s going to happen between Marcus and Maria, but I would have liked to see some attention given to Aiden and Marcus fledging coupling.

I’m a big fan of Marcus and I think Aiden is a likeable and engaging character and it would be nice if he was developed and fleshed out. I love how Aiden is just an average bloke who defies the gay stereotypes that someone like Jason wants to put upon him. The scenes with Aiden, Jason, Marcus and Maria have been just adorable.

Not so adorable is Sean, who continues to be one of the most repulsive gay characters I’ve ever been forced to watch. There’s a reason why he no longer has a boyfriend and why he can’t land a man. It’s too bad the character can’t see his own flaws and work on them if he really wants more out of life. That is the kind of maturity this character desperately needs.

I did like Sean and Marcus’ final scene. It was a realistic touch for Marcus to accept that even though he might still have feelings for Sean, Marcus knows without a doubt that they are over and that their relationship had reached a dead end. We don’t often see that kind of growth in a soap character, especially regarding love and romance so it was nice to see it there.

Days of Our Lives

Yawn! I’m sorry, I just can’t get into all this angst Will and Sonny are having about their non-relationship. The show is telling me that they care about each other and are longing for each other, but as I’ve said before they haven’t actually bothered to build a relationship between them. I mean, geez, Brian and Sonny have developed more of a relationship and they aren’t even dating — which, quite frankly, I think is a shame. Brian is nothing like Will and it would have been nice to see Sonny’s heart torn between guys who are very different from each other.

I’ve truly enjoyed Brian and Sonny’s scenes and it’s too bad it’s all for naught, especially after seeing Victor and Adrienne’s reactions to the very charming young man. It would be interesting if Sonny’s family didn’t want Sonny with Will, but did want him with Brian. Victor had always meddled in the love lives of his family and it would be so fun to see him pushing Sonny to be with a man he found appropriate or if Victor has some nefarious reason why he wanted Sonny and Brian together. And it would be unlike anything we’ve ever seen in daytime. On the plus side, at least we’re seeing Sonny with his family again, something the show hasn’t done in months.

However, why didn’t Sonny go to Jack’s funeral? He couldn’t get someone to fill in for him at the coffee shop? As I said before, Sonny was named after Jack (Sonny’s birth name is Jackson Kirakis), so he should have been there, if only to support his family. Not only that, why hasn’t Sonny gone by to see his cousin Abby to help her deal with losing her father? I recall that Abby and Sonny are supposedly close, but you’d never know by watching the show.

BTW, I find it really annoying and silly that Will is moping around telling people there’s a guy he likes, but not saying who the guy is, especially in Marlena’s case. Why would he hide that from her? He’s told her everything else about his life. It just seemed silly to not share that with her. And I wasn’t happy that Will quit his job with EJ. I have loved EJ and Will’s scenes, though I suspect the show can’t keeping having Will indulge in these flirty moments with his former stepdad when he’s supposedly in love with Sonny.

But am I the only one who finds this ‘friendship’ between Will and EJ a bit hard to swallow given their history? They were far more entertaining as blackmailer and victim. And I enjoyed the exploration of Will’s dark side. That, however, was an invention of the previous regime and these new writers clearly want to do away with most of what happened over the past year even though as much as a failure as it was, there were some good things about it.

Elsewhere, the show can’t end this nonsense with Tad fast enough. Having him go around town, with every bit of his unrealistic and clichéd dialogue designed to show what homophobe he is, makes this character hard to watch. I mean, it’s in every scene! And I still don’t know where the show is going with this. T punched Sonny, then Sonny punched T, but to what end? This is certainly not the bullying or gay bashing story the show was touting. While I might be glad about that, I’m not finding this anymore interesting to watch. Get to the point and move on.

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