Langford on Soaps: Menno and Lucas are Getting Hitched on “Good Times, Bad Times”


Plus, Todd returns to Coronation Street — and he’s being a naughty boy, and what’s next for Chris on Neighbours?

Langford’s Picks and Pans

All That Matters (Germany)

A quick recap of last week’s shows….

As the texts threatening to out him continued, Joscha asked Raquel to marry him to stop the rumors that he’s gay and so she could get a green card and stay in Essen. Furious at their ‘happy’ relationship, Melanie told Joscha that Raquel was just using him and he angrily told her to stay out of his life after all the trouble she’s caused him.

I really, really like Raquel and Joscha together. I think they are so charming and make wonderful friends. She lightens Joscha up and makes him much more likable and appealing, bringing out a fun side to the character. I thought his marriage proposal was really cute.

Not so cute is Melanie. I felt sorry for her, briefly, when Joshca was toying with her feelings, but no more. Her nasty attempts to ruin Joscha’s life cut off any sympathy I had for her. I loved when Joscha told her off, speaking truth when he told her she never loved him, but only wanted a trophy boyfriend. But what is really annoying is Deniz chasing after her like a puppy dog. What does he see in this selfish, nasty creature? Deniz is far too nice of a guy for her. If they do get together, and I hope they don’t, it won’t last long before he sees her true colors. Then again, they should be glaring bright as day for him already.

Can and Katja’s road to romance is hilarious and I laughed out loud at her rap world fantasy at what dating him would be like. However, I think the the scene where Katja showed up at Can’s apartment, railed at him for standing up for her and wound up kissing him was even better. Classic romantic comedy. I’m really enjoying this story after being very iffy about it at first. I still can’t see the together long term, but like I said before, for now it’s fun.

A couple of notes:

1) I think that Deniz needs to let Can know this homophobic remarks are not acceptable and he needs to stop them. Apologizing after you do it doesn’t make it okay.

2) A clip of ATM that includes super studly Ben working out that hot body and then showing off his naked bum is A+ with me. Never change, show.

3) Finally, I’m sorry, but in a shared apartment with separate bedrooms, there is no reason anyone should have to leave so the other roommates can have a hook up.

Among Us (Germany)

A quick recap of last week’s shows:

Kira denied to her parents that she was gay, but they didn’t believe her. Meanwhile, Ringo avoided Yannick, while he continued to hate himself for wanting to be with Ringo. Kira told Yannick she knew about he and Ringo’s feelings for each other, but in protecting Ringo, he said she was wrong. When Kira saw Ringo making out with Tine, she thought her suspicions were off base — until she saw the smouldering looks between her brother and best pal….

Did those guys really have sex on that little sofa? Ringo and Yannick are strapping young men, I would think that would be a tad uncomfortable. And I’m glad that the show took the time to note they were having safe sex. But how convenient (yet extremely responsible) that one of them just happened to be carrying a condom with him just in case an impromptu sexual encounter were to take place.

Ringo cried after sex….

I like that Tobias told Ringo that the only problem he has was not accepting that he’s gay and that no matter how hard he tried to change, it wouldn’t work. He really wouldn’t be happy until he accepted who he was. And it was great that Tobias told Kira what an idiot she was being, broadcasting Yannick’s business all over the public airwaves. Just who gave this little twit her own radio show anyway? Then again, she really only wants to genuinely help Ringo and Yannick, so I’ll give her that much.

But I did like that when suspecting that Kira might be gay, her father’s only concern was that she would be happy and he wanted to help her in any way he could. This makes me wonder what Ringo’s issue is about being gay. I really need the show to articulate that, especially since no one in his life has an problem with it. So what is his problem?

Days of Our Lives (U.S.)

Uhhh, calm down Will. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Adrienne asking Justin to help Marge. Yes, she shot Chad and all, but there were extenuating circumstances. Besides, Justin has represented worse clients.

This whole ‘Will the writer’ plot arc is just another lame example of an out of nowhere story for Will and Sonny. Will writes? Well, it makes about as much sense as him being a computer whiz. More importantly, it’s such a non-conflict. Gabi and Sonny are there and the baby is related to half the town who will watch the baby at a moment’s notice. It is sooooo stupid and make no sense for Will to not to take the fellowship. He’s young and opportunities like this don’t come along every day. Just…. dumb.

I did wonder what exactly Will’s story entailed though. Did he include all the drama about Nick and his trying to take Ari and the kidnapping and Sonny delivering the baby and all that? Somehow, I suspect not, which would be a shame. Anyway, we all know this was crafted to cover Chandler’s vacation. But with the fact that we barely see them and they have no story, who’d notice if he was gone a couple of weeks?

Once again I wonder if Sonny is actually gay. That shirt he bought for Will was ugly. And business must be terrible at the nightclub if it’s quiet enough to have a baby at night. I did like Sami being shocked that Will hadn’t written about her though. That’s so Sami. It’s nice to know that Will and Sonny have a sex life (off screen), but do they really not have sex if Gabi happens to be at home? I dunno as someone who lived with a guy and we had roommates, that seems weird. And I still hate Will and Sonny’s theme music.

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